It’s always an inspiring surprise and delight receiving my Yogi Surprise gift box and this month is no exception!

Like many Yogis, I live a fast paced life. I buzz through the heart of a pulsating, vibrant city taking Yoga classes, teaching, meeting and greeting, the to-do-list is endless. Still, I’m very mindful about what I eat, and I’m a huge fan of the Ayuvedic Sattvic diet. I adore the surge of energy that fabulous food can provide. I adore home cooked food. For me, the preparation process is a form of meditation , plus I can control the ingredients, knowing that each meal has been made with care and love. So when the little purple and white Yogi Surprise gift boxes landed on my doormat, filled with super-duper edible foodie delights, a flood of inspiration took hold and I whizzed up some scrummy energy bomb bites.

They are simple to make, great for sharing, an all-round fabulous energising treat for Yogis on the move and groove.


Makes about 16


Place all dry ingredients in a food processor and whizz until the Sunbiotics chocolate almonds have formed a flour like powder.

Gradually add the dates and mashed bananas, continuing to whizz until the texture is smooth and sticky.

Using a table spoon, scoop out the mixture and rolls into balls.

Coat in a variety of your choice such as chia seeds, coconut, smashed pumpkin seeds, dried fruits, if you wish.

Now your energy bomb bites are ready to go in the fridge to set for an hour or so.


Did you know that using an overripe banana doesn’t just help the consistency, it’s loaded with extra antioxidants too? These energy bomb bites are rich in nutrients, fiber, omega-3, probiotics, basically all the goodness to help boost your Agni, digestive fire as well as getting sustainable energy throughout your day.