Anyone who’s familiar with yoga knows that’s it’s great for building strength, improving balance and increasing flexibility. We also know that it can be a great stress reliever and a very spiritual practice for those who use it for personal growth purposes.

Perhaps what’s most interesting about adopting a regular yoga practice that covers both physical fitness and mental wellness is the effect that we start to notice it having on some of the most seemingly unrelated aspects of our lives. Many of the busy careers we have today, for example, are often considered to be anything but stress-free and spiritual.

But yoga has a way of touching all areas of our lives, no matter how much it may be rooted in the daily chaos of the modern world. Here’s how it can help you be more productive at work and even at home too.

It enhances mood and increases energy

A big part of yoga involves propping up the spine to be erect during certain yoga poses, which takes strain off the neck and back from slouching and other bad posture habits we unconsciously tend to adopt in our everyday lives. Practicing yoga can help us become more aware of our posture while we’re sitting in our desk chairs or on the couch at home.

Research has shown that altering our posture to a proper upright position can actually put us in a better mood and even give us a bit of an energy boost. And when we’re feeling happy and energetic, as opposed to moody and sluggish, it’s a lot easier to get work done more efficiently.

It improves focus and prevents multitasking

Clenching the muscles to hold certain body parts in sometimes very awkward positions all while keep our balance and staying still for a period of time naturally forces us to increase our awareness while we focus on what we’re doing. Several studies have shown that yoga can stimulate brain function immediately after a session, leading to improvements in coordination, memory, reaction time and even IQ performance.

Improved brain function makes it easier for you to focus and less likely to become distracted, so we can give our full attention to one task at a time. Despite what some people might have to say about multitasking, it’s actually a total productivity killer and can negatively impact brain health too.

It reduces stress and anxiety

We’ll always have to deal with stressful situations both at work and at home, and while we may not have much control over this part of our lives, we can at least exercise some control over how these types of situations tend to affect us. The combination of deep breathing and meditation that’s involved with yoga builds awareness in ways that have been shown to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even chronic pain.

Increased awareness from practicing yoga helps us break free from our impulses that are triggered by our emotions. When we can ground ourselves in the present moment and avoid getting caught up in a bad habit of always just immediately reacting in response to emotional stress, we automatically become better decision makers.

So whether you’re constantly struggling to meet deadlines at work or can’t find the energy to start on a personal project at home in the evening, making yoga a daily practice and really tuning in to the mindful aspect of it can probably help. This is one mind-body workout that has more benefits to offer than you might realize.