Along with receiving our yoga care packages every month, all Yogi Surprise members have the chance to win a real retreat vacation! From Costa Rica, to Bali, to Hawaii, we team up with yoga retreat around the world to send our members on. Entering to win is easy, free, and fair for everyone.

How to Win this Month’s Retreat Giveaway:

When you receive your Yogi Surprise box, simply post a photo on your favorite social media platform (eg. Instagram, Facebook, Youtube) and use the hashtag #yogisurprise. By using the #yogisurprise hashtag, we are notified that you have shared your photo and are automatically entered to win the retreat of the month!

Selecting and Announcing the Retreat Winner:

The retreat winner is randomly selected at the end of each month. The winner is announced on the 1st of the month via [ninja-popup ID=8597]email[/ninja-popup] and social media.

On the 2nd, a new retreat giveaway contest begins.

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Further Information

Feel free to contact us at our Support Center if you have any questions regarding our retreat of the month giveaway.

You can also visit our Retreat Page for more information and to view photo entries from other Yogi Surprise members. Looking forward to seeing your photos!