Jamaica is a tropical paradise often associated with relaxation, ease of life, and the true element of freedom. Nestled in the Caribbean, the island is undoubtedly home one of the most fascinating and attractive cultures when it comes to open-mindedness and being yourself.

For March, we’re delighted to feature Yoga Bless Retreats, a incredible yoga retreat center with some of the best reviews in the Caribbean. Let’s take a peek!

Win a Week-Long Retreat in Jamaica from Yoga Bless

With an astute focus on revitalizing the body and soul, Yoga Bless Retreats are all about slowing down and getting back into balance. Too often, our busy lives can distract us from focusing on developing the self. After a week in Jamaica, detoxing and practicing yoga daily, Yoga Bless helps bring the self back into alignment. Yoga Bless features expert yoga instructors, skilled and patient with yogis of any levels. You’ll find yourself among friends, good vibrations, and positive, welcoming energy.

Retreat highlights & what is included:

  • Daily special meditation sessions
  • Daily Hatha and Kundalini yoga sessions
  • Homemade face masks, body scrubs, and workshops on how to make them
  • Yoga Bless DVD with e-books, music and yoga sessions PDF
  • 3 main meals, healthy snacks, local fruits, and vegetables (normal, vegetarian, vegan, raw)
  • Unlimited fresh juices, coconut water, and fruits
  • Snorkeling accessories and Wi-Fi free to use
  • Yoga books, and natural healing and herbs books
  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodation in a dorm
  • Waterfall excursion
  • Airport transfers

The yoga program is designed to suit your level, from beginner to intermediate, for balance, immune system boost, weight loss, and concentration.

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