Few places in the world are as beautiful and magical as Jamaica. This island paradise is home to enchanting cultures, incredible views, and unforgettable experiences. It’s the perfect place to escape to – an ideal place for utter relaxation and revitalization of the soul. Few locales in the world are able to capture these qualities, but for Jamaica, it comes naturally.

This June, we’re excited to feature an incredible weeklong retreat with Go Natural Jamaica, a brand new yoga retreat center in this beautiful Caribbean setting.

A Week to Center Yourself with Go Natural Jamaica

Go Natural Jamaica marries commitment to yoga with the commitment to healthy, happy, and fun living. With delicious foods, incredible yoga classes, and a natural, earthy setting, this retreat center takes the pursuit of balance to a new level. The atmosphere is ideal for detoxing and healing the body, inside and out. It’s a place of alignment and balance, a place of wisdom and inner peace, and a place of good vibrations and positive energy.

This month’s retreat features an abundance of exciting perks. Included is:

  • Daily special meditation sessions
  • Daily Hatha and Kundalini yoga sessions
  • Homemade face masks & body scrubs
  • 3 main meals, healthy snacks, local fruits, and vegetables (normal, vegetarian, vegan, raw)
  • Unlimited fresh juices, coconut water, and fruits
  • Snorkeling accessories and Wi-Fi free to use
  • Yoga books, and natural healing and herbs books
  • Yoga Bless DVD
  • 6 nights of comfortable accommodation in a dorm
  • Waterfall excursion
  • Airport transfers

The retreat also includes access to these workshops:

  • Ayurveda daily practice
  • Making your own natural cosmetics
  • Nutrition & Food combinations
  • Herbs & Medicinal plants

Regardless of your experience level, this is the perfect yoga retreat to help you relax, unwind, and hone in on your practice. Learn how to enter today!

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