Puerto Rico is a paradise that’s closer to your shores than you might otherwise think. It’s a strikingly large but homely and personable island, with unique attractions on all corners of the island. It’s home to incredible plant and animal life, beautiful beaches, and remarkably lush forests. And this month, we’re excited to announce that our next retreat will located at Casa Grande Mountain Retreat in Puerto Rico, an incredible eco-getaway destination with a unique focus on unwinding and relaxing.

5 Nights at Casa Grande Mountain Retreat

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat View

Casa Grande is set on a truly stunning 107 acres of lush, beautiful rainforest, a veritable oasis of natural peace and tranquility gently nestled on a former coffee plantation turned carefully-landscaped dream destination. The story behind Casa Grande on its own is incredible, and the passion that served as the genesis for the retreat comes through in the level of detail and attention paid to making this a truly relaxing environment for all to enjoy. Everything from the menu to the carefully planned botanical gardens, featuring more than 100 varieties of plants, trees, and flowers, have all been planned by the owners.

In addition to the amazing ground the hotel resides on, Casa Grande also offers daily yoga classes. For hotel guests, this provides a relaxing, spiritual connection to their stay. It allows for a seamless integration of their yoga practice in their vacation, and all levels are encouraged.

This month’s package includes:

  • 5 night stay at Casa Grande Mountain Retreat
  • Daily morning yoga classes
  • Comfortable rooms with private bathroom and hammock for day lounging
  • Open day schedule to explore the island or the grounds

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat Room

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