Just like fasting and juicing are popular ways of detoxifying your body for the physical health benefits, reducing mental clutter and shifting thought patterns are comparable ways to detoxify your mind for the psychological health benefits.

The word “detox” kind of gets a bad rap when it’s interpreted as some overly restrictive plan to improve oneself, but that’s not how it has to be. A detox can provide a lot great health benefits when it’s personalized and tailored to fit the individual.

While it’s completely normal to feel negative emotion from time to time — even anxiety and depression — it shouldn’t be strong enough or occurring frequently enough to really impact your lifestyle and wellbeing. A few all-natural “detoxifying” tweaks to your lifestyle and mental process can make all the difference.

Limit Media Consumption

Internet browsing, Netflix, video gaming, and other forms of media are easy distractions from ourselves and from the world around us. Recent research has found that the longer young adults spend on social media, the more likely they are to be depressed, so be mindful of your habits. You don’t have to give it up completely, but here are a few ways you can unplug so your mind gets a break from sucking up all that digital junk.

Be Mindful of Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who spew negativity and make you feel drained. If you can’t completely cut these types of people out of your life or at least limit interaction with them, make sure you know how to ground yourself when you’re around them to avoid sucking up their negativity. Breathe deeply and imagine gold or white light radiating from your crown all the way down your body until it surrounds you, protecting you like a shield.

Consider Lifestyle Minimalism

Lifestyle minimalism involves eliminating repetitive decisions and activities that take up too much mind power. As an example, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wears the same T-shirt every day to avoid having to think and decide what to wear, which takes up precious mental power that he’d rather allocate somewhere else. What decisions and activities could you give up the free up more of your own mental energy?

Practice Self-Inquiry

You can do self-inquiry work as a meditation. This is the practice of investigating the spiritual nature of who you really are. In the process, the feelings you experience can give you insights into what you really should be valuing and focusing on here in your everyday human life. This can be helpful if you have trouble separating your truest desires from other people’s expectations of you.

Get Your Emotions Out

Suppressing your negative emotions by trying to focus on just the positive stuff will not make them go away. Though uncomfortable and unpleasant, true healing can only take place when you embrace your emotions and let yourself feel them fully. Take 20 minutes or so a day to sit quietly with your eyes closed and allow yourself to feel what your body needs to feel.

Sleep Well

Sleep literally clears excess waste from the brain, and some believe that the dream state helps us process thoughts and emotions so we can wake up feeling more refreshed. Most adults do best when they get a regular 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night in a relaxing sleep environment that’s completely pitch dark and slightly cooler than normal in temperature.

Detoxifying your mind is really more about increasing your awareness and being open to accept what’s happening in the moment rather than trying to stop negativity and struggling to control your reality. If these tips don’t help to create any significant positive changes in your overall wellbeing, make sure you speak to your doctor to see if some other potential cause or causes need to be addressed.