Whether you’re embarking on a new career path or seeking out a creative hobby to fill your spare time with, discovering what you truly are passionate about can prove to be as confusing as ever.

While it can be frustrating to know that you must be passionate about something, yet not have a clue what that something might be, there’s reason to embrace this unknown.

Contrary to popular belief, passion does not typically arrive out of nowhere. In reality, we become more aware of what we’re passionate about by exploring a variety of interests, experiencing new things, taking risks, making mistakes, learning, and readjusting what we think we could do better or what we think might bring us more joy.

The meditative and self-explorative aspects of yoga make it an ideal practice for cultivating your passion. Here are five things to focus on in your practice to help move you closer to what you’re truly passionate about.


1. Breathe Your Way to Calm

To find your passion, quiet your mind. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s the key to connecting to your Higher Self—that part of you that knows what will bring you utmost joy and satisfaction in life.

Consider starting your practice off in meditation or in supine pose with gentle breathing. As you begin to move, try deepening your breath in standing poses to help expand the chest and upper back before finishing on the floor with hip openers and poses that lengthen the spine.


2. Notice Attachments to Desired Outcomes

Sometimes it’s our attachment to the ideas we have of what a passionate life might look like that hold us back from discovering and fulfilling our passions.

Use your breath work to detach from thoughts from a mindful distance to observe what outcomes you might be clinging to. Don’t try and change them—just notice them for what they are.


3. Greet the Morning With Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar)

Traditionally performed at sunrise, sun salutations are wonderful for sparking your internal fire by targeting the major muscles in your spine, legs, and arms.

Starting your morning practice with sun salutations acts as a rebirth ritual, reminding you to seek out and embody your truth. A 20-minute flow through surya namaskar has incredible physical benefits and can even be powerful enough to bust you out of a mental slump.


4. Practice Grounding Poses to Heal Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is at the base of the chakra system and represents your solid foundation for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-bing. When out of balance, we may feel stuck or unconsciously caught up in desires.

Located at the base of the spine, practicing yoga poses that ground this foundational energy center to the earth can help you feel more secure and stable in all aspects of your life. Try poses like easy pose (sukhasana), garland pose (malasana), mountain pose (tadasana), and savasana (corpse pose).


5. Embrace Poses and Sequences That Encourage You to Release Negativity

Moving unwanted energy out of ourselves is key to clearing away the blocks that keep us stuck or unconsciously repeating bad emotional and behavioral patterns.

The breath work and poses discussed above will certainly help, but you can always go above and beyond. For example, you could create an emotional release ritual out of chair pose.

Start by standing tall in tadasana, visualize something you no longer need or want in your life and imagine grabbing it with your fists as you extend your arms up over your head. Then as you sit back into chair pose, quickly sweep your arms down in front of you toward your sides and back behind your torso as you release your fists and throw that unwanted thing away.