Many of us love various crystals for their vast and intensive properties offering us anything from the attraction of money, healing, and protection to enlightenment, love, and creativity. We believe in their power and they’ve become an integral tool for our yoga and meditation practices.
Amethyst is one of the most interesting and potent stones on earth. I remember being very envious of my sister growing up because she was lucky enough to have amethyst as her birthstone. The deep purple hue is dazzling and as a child, I associated it with royalty and beauty. It’s shine and magnetic energy are seductive in a way that makes it difficult to shift your eyes elsewhere.
Beyond its beauty, amethyst holds space for something many of us consider intangible: contentment. 
Amethyst shares its shade with our crown chakra, making it a conduit for the obtainment of enlightenment. And isn’t this the path to contentment?
When I think of people I would describe as content, few of them are extremely wealthy, not monetarily. None of them are famous or super-models. Only one of them holds the title CEO or President. And when I think of their energy, it’s always purple. And I can’t get enough of them. They have the kind of wealth I hold so dear: gratitude and genuine appreciation for the present moment.
Amethyst has long been considered a crystal that holds the ability to calm the mind and encourage a meditative state. A calm, focused mind is much more inclined towards the state of contentment than an overactive and distractive one. Contentment means you feel whole, complete and satisfied with what you have. It doesn’t mean you don’t have goals or pursuits. It just means you can be present with what is without believing you should have more or be more right this moment.
How can you use amethyst to bring you closer to contentment? Simply being near it and thinking of your association with contentment is a beginning. But there’s a more connected way to utilize its power.
A Guided Meditation Starring Amethyst
This meditation can last anywhere from 5-15 minutes. Best time of day is in the early morning so you can feel the lasting effects throughout the day.
Light a lavender candle and place tea lights in a circle around your meditation space. Lay down. Consider using props to make your body as comfortable and still as it’s capable. Place an amethyst stone first at the base of your throat, right at the center of your clavicle. It all begins with communication, and our throat chakra is the center for fostering communication and bringing it into balance.
Begin by creating a visual room in your mind. Picture the lighting, temperature, size, and features. Begin building this space so that it offers you all you need to feel content. Maybe it’s you and your dog, a book, a bathroom, and a glass of wine. Or perhaps it’s all of the important people in your life, music, food, comfortable furniture, art, and laughter. Only you know everything you need to be content. Fill the room, don’t hold back. Keep adding until it feels completely full.
Spend Time Dwelling in this Space
Really live and breath in this space. Drink it in.  Now that you’ve added everything and everyone you feel is necessary to feel content, begin to notice what you can subtract and still feel that same level of peaceful calm and happiness. Subtract until you are down to the only things and living creatures you need to sustain this feeling. Breath deeply into that sensation and move the amethyst stone to the center of your third eye. Keep breathing, visualizing, experiencing, and cultivating this all-encompassing sense of contentment.
You’ve now created your own mental living space that embodies contentment. You can visit and revisit anytime. It’s always with you, waiting to console you any moment you feel out of whack or unsettled. It’s yours.