Are you stuck in an unhealthy cycle in your life? Learn what chakras are and how they help you create healthy patterns for a more balanced lifestyle.

What are Chakras

Along with the earliest records of the origin of yoga is also the earliest mention of the term “chakra.” If you have practiced yoga for any period of time, you have probably heard the term “chakra” mentioned at some point. If you have wondered what exactly chakras are and how they can connect you to a deeper level of consciousness, it is worth it to explore them.

The word “chakra” is a Sanskrit word meaning “wheel” or “disc.” The chakras are often called “the wheels of life.” They represent the points within us where the physical body, of natural and tangible meets the spiritual soul, of thought and emotion. Chakras are wheels of energy that spin, attracting or reflecting outside energies. They send out energy from our being as well as receive energy from our environment. Through this process, chakras program our mental and physical patterns in our body which dictate how we behave.

The Power of Chakras

It is vital to understand that there is energy within us that we send out to the world as well as energy that we receive. This process is an exchange that requires our attention because much of what we generate dictates what we will receive. Based on our interaction with the world, chakras tend to adapt and repeat, thus creating the cause and effect, also known as the law of attraction or “karma.” These patterns can be healthy, but sometimes they keep us in a cycle that isn’t conducive to a healthy, full life. The wonderful thing about chakras is that we have the ability to turn the wheels of negative energies the other way and generate beautiful planes of energy that attract life and prosperity.

There are said to be many chakras within our body, but there are 7 that we most commonly associate with:

  • Chakra One: Physically located at the base of our spine, it is connected with our human survival and its element is the earth.
  • Chakra Two: Physically located in the lower abdomen, it is connected with our sexuality, and its element is water.
  • Chakra Three: Physically located in the upper abdomen or solar plexus, it is connected with self-esteem, power, and will. Its element is fire and its color is yellow.
  • Chakra Four: Physically located at the sternum, it is connected with our heart, and love. Its element is air and its color is green.
  • Chakra Five: Physically located in the throat, it is connected with creativity and communication. Its element is sound and its color is blue.
  • Chakra Six: Physically located in the center of the forehead it is connected with intuition, imagination, and intellect. Its element is light and its color is indigo.
  • Chakra Seven: Physically located at the top of the head, it is connected with enlightenment, knowledge, and higher power. It’s element is thought and its color is violet.

Align Yourself with your Chakras

Understanding ChakrasTake a moment to think about each one of the chakras and where they are located on your body. Then take time to meditate on each of the elements as well as what they spiritually represent within you. The goal is to start at the bottom and work your way up, but don’t rush. Slowly feel the wheels of energy turning within you. It may take time to meditate on each one in order to connect with what it means for you and how it is represented in your life.

Meditating on the chakras combined with yoga poses for that area of the body will bring you to a heightened state of consciousness. It will make you more aware of the cycles in your life and which ones need healing. Then you will be able to create healthy patterns that generate peace, happiness and well-being.