Part of a healthy yoga practice is making time for rest, relaxation, and the rejuvenation of your body and mind. While it can feel hard to get away times, making the conscious effort to plan ahead and set aside vacation time can do a lot for  managing stress and keeping yourself centered and balanced. We’ve handpicked five of the best yoga retreats for 2015, detailed below. Your next retreat is closer than you think!

1. Yoga Rocks Retreat to Triopetra

Off the coast of Greece rests the island of Crete, the country’s largest and most populous island, and on the pristine southern coast, you’ll find Triopertra Beach. Named after the three rocks just off the coast, this magical destination provides a serene environment, perfect for meditation, daily yoga, and relaxation. The Yoga Rocks Retreat has quickly become a favorite in the region, offering week long retreats with luxurious yet homely accommodations, often overlooking the sprawling undeveloped beaches. Each retreat is rounded off with a celebratory feast at a traditional Cretan taverna, making this an delightfully authentic and incredibly intent-filled escape for any yogi.

2. Shoals Yoga Retreat to Tulum, Mexico

On the white sandy beaches of Tulum, Mexico, the Shoals Yoga Retreat offers one our favorite places to unwind and relax. Just a short journey away from Mayan ruins and cenotes, this blissful stretch of paradise will help you reach awareness of the present moment and truly ease the quieting of the mind. For those who love to be pampered, the retreat also provides some of the finest Swedish and deep tissue massages, as well as bio-energy work based on Ayurvedic principles. For the adventurer, you’re able to hop in the sea within minutes and swim with local wildlife, like the local sea turtles.

3. Yoga Breaks in Spain

Located in sunny Alicante, Spain, Yoga Breaks is all about energizing the body while also providing a source of rest and relaxation. Seasonally themed, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of activities to enjoy with your day to day, including hiking, pilates, horse back riding, and rejuvenating therapies. The owners of the retreat also traditionally use local venues for yoga practice, adding a bit of exploration to your trip!

4. Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat Greece

Found on the Ionian sea, on the Greek island of Ithaca, you’ll discover an enchanting experience during the Summer Solstice – an incredible yoga retreat themed with the changing of seasons in mind. It’s here that Greek sunshine mingles with unforgettable foods, passionate practitioners, and an supremely serene sense of calmness and solitude.

5. Yoga & Diving Cruise Indonesia

Yoga Natura offers a truly unique form of yoga: traveling yoga! With classes offered throughout the year, each in unique parts of the world (like Morocco, Spain, or Indonesia) you can align your adventurous, wanderlust soul with Sandra Bicker’s own passion for new places and new people. We suggest checking out the diving cruise on the crystal clear turquoise sea in Indonesia, which starts in September.

6. Win a Trip from Yogi Surprise!

Did you know you could also win a yoga retreat, simply by being a member of Yogi Surprise and joining in our monthly giveaway? Every month, we select a new yoga retreat to giveaway to our members, all expenses paid. In the past, we’ve featured retreats close to home, like Kalani in Hawaii, and this month, we’re sending one lucky member to the Sea of Cortez off eastern coast of Baja California. Next month, it could be you!

Plan for a Retreat

With an amazing, prosperous year ahead of you, start planning now and make sure you provide yourself with plenty of that well earned me-time. Changing your surroundings and exposing yourself to new practitioners in new places can truly transform your practice, bringing you closer to balance and understanding of the self. Go out there and explore!