I’m so inspired by the idea of yoga friendship I actually wrote a novel based on that concept. Yoga studios are a unique place and they practically beg us to connect with others. In the novel, Yoga Trainthe main characters, Devon and Ruby, meet at the yoga studio. Devon has been wanting to approach Ruby and she finally does. As she puts her mat down next to Ruby’s, she looks up at Devon and says, “Hi. I like your purple eye-liner.” And that was that.

The yoga friendship begins with common ground and a shared experience

Seems like a damn good place to start building a relationship. Yoga becomes the way we live our lives. We all want to connect with other like-minded folks who care about their minds, bodies, and how they affect and influence the world around them. Self-awareness is a key component in the development of a yoga practice. Automatically, we want to form relationships with others who value that too.

We yogis get extremely passionate. A fire starts and it doesn’t burn out. We form a much more honest relationship with ourselves and we take that with us out of the studio and into every aspect of our lives. It’s big. It becomes who we are and we love sharing that with others.

Yoga friendships often become the core of our support system

It’s all about what happens after practice that really offers us a community and genuine friendship. We connect during practice. It gives us something to talk about and bond over. It often leads to making plans after practice. A yoga date is quite common. Some of us even meet our significant others through yoga. It’s a special and wonderful thing to share. Conversations become richer and there’s a willingness to grow and do that with the support of one another.

I recently had a group of friends over to practice and have a potluck. Everyone asked about each other’s dietary restrictions to ensure they were being mindful about each individual’s needs. We practiced, helped each other with postures, cackled and cheered one another one. We had music, candles, incense, and essential oils. One yogi had recently finished a singing bowl training and she played for us. Another participant sang in her sultry, ethereal voice to bring us out of Savasana. It was one of the best practices I’ve ever had the pleasure to enjoy because it was such a team effort. Everyone had something truly special to offer.

Connection is everything

The dinner was incredible and everyone helped clean up. We shared epiphanies and asked questions. I don’t think there was a negative comment or complaint the entire night. It was downright awesome and I can’t wait to do it again. We already have a date set. How have your yoga friendships enriched your life?