Do you remember when hip packs were called fanny packs?

I sure do. When they first came out, people used them because, um, how great to not have anything hanging off your shoulder and bumping up against your hip while walking. And if you don’t need to carry much, why wouldn’t you choose a hip pack over a cumbersome and heavy bag?

But alas, as with most accessories, even the ones that obviously have so much utility, it went out of style and eventually became passe.

You can’t keep a good accessory down though. Hip packs don’t carry much, but that’s absolutely fine because we keep the essentials there. The ones we need on the constant and can access easily.

Most hip packs are lightweight, durable, waterproof, and not expensive. The last time you went hiking, did you have one? Did you wish you did?

Thankfully, we’ve moved into a realm of people not feeling they need to follow anyone else’s fashion cues

Sure, trends will always come and go. And it’s true what they say; everything does eventually come back. But what I love about fashion and utility accessories today is that people aren’t afraid to stand out, be bold, and wear whatever the hell they want. Yes, Doc Martins, Converse, and Vans have prevailed and never lost favor. I’ve been wearing Levis since 5th grade and still do. High-waisted jeans are back, thank the stars. All those years of wearing low riding jeans and trying to keep your tush crack hidden are in the past…..for now, at least.

We want comfort. We want cute, and we want accessories that just make sense and make our lives a little more convenient.

It’s fun to not care. It’s become very cool to be unique, creative, different, and be the trend-setter. We all love people-watching. Who do you like to watch, the woman who is only wearing what’s currently hip or the maverick who doesn’t give a damn and wears whatever she wants. I appreciate wearing what makes sense. And hip packs always have and always will.

Big cheers for the hip pack. I’m wearing mine now and it has my license, debit card,  Burts Bees all-natural lip balm with SPF, and keys. My back and shoulders are so much happier. I don’t accidentally lay down my bag and absent-mindedly meander out of the studio or coffee house forgetting it until I get to my car and can’t get in. It feels more secure and it’s less obtrusive. Whenever I can get away with carrying less, I do, and it’s liberating.

Whatever works for you is what’s cool. Whatever makes you smile is the perfect thing. We dress for ourselves. We don’t want to fit in. Even though hip packs are now hip again, we understand that their utility and usefulness are what make them so great. The fact that they look cute is just gravy.

Suggestions for hiking or camping necessities that fit nicely in a hip pack:

Put it on. Rock it out, and enjoy your day!

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