Tantra yoga: does it really have anything to do with sex?

I’d heard of tantric sex before, but never tantra yoga. It confused me because tantric sex has become a relatively known thing. Still knowing very little about it other than apparently the musician Sting digs it, I knew it had some kind of connection to breath work. But I couldn’t conceptualize the connection to what kind of yoga practice it is. So I investigated…

Tantra yoga doesn’t have a direct relationship to sexuality

The definition of tantra means to be woven, entwined, and to feel true freedom. This practice stems from Vedic texts that encompass every aspect of yoga to experience the truest reality of oneness and to create a bridge to unite our feminine and masculine sides. That connection between Shiva and Shakti (the masculine and feminine deities associated with tantra yoga) may be where there is a thread linking sexual connection to the practice of tantra. The physical practice often utilizes partner poses. Regardless of gender, tantra yoga addresses the feminine and masculine sides of each of us and how to strengthen the support and connection they offer one another.

More about Shakti and Shiva

Shiva, both the creator and destroyer, represents our masculine energy. Considered one of the most powerful deities in Hinduism, Shiva’s third eye is believed to have the ability to destroy all of the evil that exists in the world. Shakti is our feminine energy and yields strength through the utilization of creativity and nurture. Tantra yoga is the embodiment of all that is grace, power, and interconnected within ourselves. Shiva and Shakti are intrinsically linked and their intense power can provide an internal fire that creates unlimited potential and desire.

How tantra yoga can indirectly improve our sex lives

When we feel whole and more connected to ourselves, we have a much greater ability to fully unite with others and invite that bridge through the strength of vulnerability and a willingness to be open. We crave truth and desire to know ourselves as completely as we can. We embrace the notion it will be a life-long quest because we will continue to change. By practicing tantra yoga, we slow down in our physical movements and share them by going at our own pace and exploring our feminine and masculine sides with equal fervor and by allowing another being into our practice space and allowing it to be a partnership.

If an improved sex life is a priority in your life, this might be the practice you’ve been needing and not even known it. Ideally, this is something you and your partner can enjoy together. Practicing breathwork and partner yoga poses can lead to a stronger bond. Inviting physical pleasure by supporting the exploration of your body at your own pace and simultaneously holding space for your partner to do the same in the pursuit of what feels exquisite and not some ideal understanding of what a posture should look like will prime you to believe that pleasure is a priority and that you deserve it.

There are so many types of yoga out there. It’s so exciting to continue to learn more about the vast world that is yoga. Investigate as much as you can. It will only add to your knowledge bank and help you stay the course of discovering your very best life and self.