Healthy and Refreshing Fruit-Infused Water Ideas

Water does so much more for us than quench our thirst. It increases our energy, prevents fatigue, helps with weight loss, flushes out toxins, rejuvenates the skin, aids in digestion, boosts the immune system, eliminates headaches, and so much more.

In hot and humid weather, it’s important to drink enough water before you feel really thirsty — especially if you’re planning on getting physically active. Drinking anything else just won’t cut it.

Other beverages like juice, soda, milk, coffee, and alcohol may seem quenching while you're drinking them, but they can come with lots calories and processed ingredients that may do you more harm than good. Likewise, anything with caffeine or alcohol will just add to dehydration.

If you’re looking for a few interesting ways to pump up the flavor of plain old water without having to turn to calories and chemicals, then you’re in luck. It’s time to jump on the fruit-infused water trend!

About Fruit-Infused Water

Fruit-infused water is just what it sounds like — fruit (plus veggies and herbs too if you want) that are soaked in water so that the flavors and trace amounts of nutrient and antioxidant properties are absorbed. It's not juice and it’s not a smoothie, but it’s definitely not plain old water either.

There are special infusion pitchers and water bottles you can get for relatively cheap almost anywhere that have special compartments in them where you can place your piece of fruit, veggies, or herbs so that they can be surrounded by the water to infuse it with flavor. Alternatively, you could also just drop your ingredients directly into any old pitcher or water bottle.

Benefits of Fruit-Infused Water

Unlike “vitamin waters” that contain coloring and chemical vitamins, water that has been with fresh ingredients is completely natural and puts hydration first. You can experiment with different combinations of ingredients, and a pitcher of infused water should stay fresh enough to drink for as long as 5 to 7 days in your refrigerator.

While you won’t get the full nutritional benefits from the ingredients you choose to infuse your water with, you’ll at least have a refreshing drink that’s calorie free and chemical free. And really, when it comes to staying hydrated, isn't that what should matter most?

Fruit-Infused Recipes to Try

Fruit-Infused Water

There’s really no wrong way to do this, but it can be helpful to have some go-to ingredients that produce pleasant flavors when paired together. Try these:

  • Slices of orange and kiwi
  • Raspberries with fresh mint leaves
  • Blueberries with slices of lime
  • Slices of lemon and cucumber
  • Slices of strawberries with fresh basil leaves
  • Slices of orange, kiwi, lime, lemon, cucumber, raspberries, blueberries, fresh mint leaves, and fresh basil leaves (for a combination of everything!)

Don’t worry too much about the amount of each ingredient to use — that will depend on how large your pitcher or bottle is and how flavorful you want your water to be. For just a hint of flavor, add fewer ingredients. For more flavor, slice lots of ingredients up into smaller pieces and try squeezing their natural juices into your pitcher or bottle before you add the water.

Add some optional ice, fill your pitcher or bottle with water, and refrigerate for 1 to 4 hours to allow the water to soak up the fresh flavors. It’s really the perfect summer drink when you make health and hydration number one!