Why You Really Do Need to Go Hug All of The Trees

I knew the second I spotted her that she was the one

There she was, just as majestic and impossibly beautiful as a living creature has the capacity to be. She beckoned without paying me any attention at all. With zero chill, I raced in her direction and hurled my body fully against her's. We became one, me and that Quaking Aspen, and the feeling of our full embrace will never quite leave me. Or leaf me. And speaking of leaves, I took one from the ground as a memento of our brief but impactful time together.

There's quite a lot of evidence that tree hugging has many benefits

Not only are you fully aware that you feel better after getting in that snuggle, but you may not notice some of the more subtle yet highly impactful benefits tree hugging has to offer.

In his spellbinding book, Blinded by ScienceMatt Silverstone explores the health benefits of hugging trees and the vibrational healing powers that this simple act has to offer. Trees offer specific vibrations that trigger positive responses in our biological behaviors when we commune with them and tap into their restorative powers.

If all it takes is just one tree hug per day to make us healthier and happier, um, why wouldn't we make this a priority?

Aletheia Luna details how the freshest air we can breath is right underneath a tree. Some of the more important health benefits include:

  • lower blood pressure
  • enhanced digestion
  • happier mood
  • more developed breath patterns
  • balance in our nervous systems

Do you really need more reasons to go find a gorgeous ever-inviting tree to hug?

Incorporating tree hugging into travel is a remarkable way to build in memories about your experiences with the great outdoors and the variety of landscapes, foliage, and unique properties the staggering number of tree variations can offer. Turning tree hugging into an integral component of the way we travel will make us more susceptible and receptive to the cultural attributes and needs that exist all over the globe.

Each tree has it's own interesting stories, experiences, and wisdom to offer. Set up your practice in front of the most enticing tree you can find. Offer homage to the tree by thanking it for providing inspiration, shelter, nourishment, and serving as a gigantic reminder of how crucial it is to ground and set roots even if you're traveling. We root by being fully present and grateful for our unique surroundings.

There is a long history of peacefully advocating for trees by hugging them in protest of tearing them from the ground. That advocacy goes both ways and the trees will continue to serve and teach us no matter where we go, what we do, or who we continue to evolve into being.

Tree hugging separates us from those who offer love and support from those who take without thought of consequences. I want to be in the former category and I want it to be a hallmark of my character.

Start in your own backyard. If you don't have a tree right there, go find the closest one to where you dwell. Pay respect on the daily and take that sense of acknowledging nature and all of its glorious offerings with you no matter where you are. It will feed your soul, improve your health, and most importantly, the trees deserve it.