Beat the Layover Blues

Stuck in the airport with a bad layover this season? Beat those layover blues with some meditation and relaxation in an airport Yoga Room.

Mediation During Travel

Meditation is of utmost importance during the holiday season. Keep opportunities and time slots open for meditation in order to keep the peace of the giving season. It might be difficult, but there are opportunities to make it possible to keep your mind at ease and free from the stress that can naturally accompany family gatherings, shopping, and traveling.

If you are someone who travels on a regular basis you know it can be a little challenging to maintain your zen. Whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure, the airport can be a stressful place. Between check-in, security lines and a bag of peanuts for lunch, air travel is definitely something that can tense up the body.

Airports that Focus on Yoga

But there is good news for jet setting yogis! Airports all over the U.S. are opening up yoga rooms for you to be able to find some peace admist the chaos of traveling. Some of the major airports proudly housing spaces to help ease the stress and give you a peaceful atmosphere are:

Beat the Blues

So the next time you are traveling, be sure to be on the look out for a yoga room. Keep your eyes open to new opportunities to meditate. What better way to beat the layover blues than by re-energizing and relaxing with some of your favorite poses? By taking the time to meditate we can remember the joys of the season and replenish our spirit with peace to bless others around us this holiday.