5 Tips for Finding More Time to Do Yoga

5 Tips for Finding More Time to Do Yoga

Not enough time to fit a great yoga session into your daily routine? Classes at a studio may be wonderfully worth it, but who has the time (and the money) to head over there every single day, maybe 5 or 6 times a week, for sessions that lasts an hour or longer?

It’s a tough challenge for those of us who really want to practice daily, but can’t seem to merge it in the most practical way with our modern lifestyles. Here are a few things to think about working into your routine if you’re serious about making yoga a daily practice flows into every aspect of your life.

Give Up Something That Isn't Serving You

The thing about managing time is that it’s really about prioritization. You can’t make more time without giving something else up, so it’s worth getting honest about how you spend your time on a daily basis to see if you can identify a particular activity that isn’t really adding any value to your life and that's sucking up a lot of your time.

Consider giving up something like hitting the snooze button repeatedly in the morning, that hour or two of Netflix you watch in the evening, or the time you waste browsing Facebook on your phone. These types of activities don’t really offer you anything in terms of personal growth, so replace it with something that does! (A.k.a. yoga!)

Combine Yoga With Other Activities

Jumping out of bed super early, giving up your favorite Netflix series, and saying no to browsing social media aren’t easy goals to achieve if they’re habits that have been seriously programmed into your behavior. In these types of cases, why not do yoga while you do all these things too?

You could do a morning yoga sequence or a body scan in bed to help you wake up, stand up and do a few poses that are good for people who sit at desks all day (or in front of the TV at night), or practice mindfulness meditation while on your commute to or from work. Remember that yoga doesn’t have to always be limited to your mat.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

Let’s face it — the cost of yoga classes really adds up when you're going more than once or twice a week. Getting there and back also takes time and money for gas and/or public transit.

If you have a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet and an internet connection, it’s easy enough to get a quick practice in at home. A simple internet search will lead you to all sorts of free yoga videos online you can follow, and there are also premium services out there like Yogaglo that offer unlimited access to thousands of high-quality yoga videos for a monthly subscription (basically the price of a single class).

Just Do One Pose

So what if you just can’t fit even a 30-minute session into your day? It's no big deal, because doing just one pose definitely counts toward maintaining your practice.

Pick your favorite — maybe something like a forward bend to open up the hips or child’s pose to promote stress relief and relaxation. Take a few minutes to hold your pose and breathe. This alone can be enough!

Shift Your Mindset

Lastly, changing how you think about your yoga practice and all the activities you decide to do every day will probably help you out the most. This involves a striving for a higher level of self-awareness that will lead you toward taking responsibility for the time you have now rather than unconsciously giving up your power to the illusion of a more hopeful future.

Notice how you feel when you do or don’t do yoga. Let those feelings guide you as you flow along with life rather than try to obsessively control it. Chances are, if a daily yoga session makes you feel good while a missed session makes you feel not so good, you’ll naturally gravitate toward practicing more and making it a daily habit.