An Ode to Spring

Spring is an amazing time of the year. It's in this season that life awakens from the cold, dreary days of winter, and the world slowly begins to warm. Life begins its bloom.

Remember that while winter is behind you, marked by the spring equinox on March 20th, you're still in a season dominated by the Kapha dosha. The Kapha dosha is the combination of the earth and water elements, and is characterized by cold, wet, and heavy energy. In the body, when the Kapha dosha is not balanced, this manifests as respiratory illness, mucus, and grogginess.

This March, we'll be focusing on how to keep yourself balanced, as well as how to revitalize your body, which may have been exposed to more caffeine, sugars, or fats than normal during the winter season.

Wake Your Body with the Season: Balance Kapha

To balance the Kapha dosha, engage in warm, light activities that engage your entire system. When eating, that means focus on lighter foods and integrate warming, invigorating spices like cloves, cinnamon, and ginger. Minimize your intake of dairy, nuts, or added fats if possible.

For your practice, practice asanas (poses) that twist, turn, and stimulate your entire body and mind. Emphasize sun salutations as a way to warm and awaken your body, shedding the kapha energy of the atmosphere around you. Twists and backbends can also help you stimulate your kidneys bladders, helping cleanse the body from holiday feasting.

Here's a useful sequence to reference, instructed by Holly Walck:

Cleanse Body and Mind this March with Yogi Surprise

This March, Yogi Surprise is focusing on how to empower and inspire your practice, both for balancing your kapha dosha, but also for celebrating the gifts of spring and the summer months ahead. Give yourself a moment to reflect on the progress of the year, and remember to practice gratitude for both the successes and challenges you've faced. Take time to make those small adjustments and focus on your growth while also enjoying your journey.

Balance body and mind this March with Yogi Surprise:

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