Pitta Dosha

Cool Your Practice

The month of July approaches, and with it comes the hottest days of summer. It is a time of intense heat, and an energy that's both pungent and penetrating; it's the season of the pitta dosha.

In Ayurveda, the year is separated by seasons relating to the three doshas. These specific forms of life energy that exist within the body, and govern physiological characteristics of being. They involve both physical and emotional elements of the person, and can affect you when they become unbalanced. July marks the start of the Pitta season, which lasts until October. During this time, the world emits the energy of Pitta (fire and warmth), and if this goes unaccounted for, your pitta dosha can become unbalanced.

Balance Your Pitta Dosha this July

Pitta can exist in a balance or unbalanced fashion. When in balanced, pitta manifests itself as a healthy digesting and metabolizing of energy. Physically, the body is internally lubricated and food, energy and movement follows a fluid motion. When pitta is out of balance, it manifests as jealousy, anger and the tendency to be over critical. It can lead to indigestion, skin rashes, and painful, burning eyes. It's also characterized by the act of overthinking and excessive mental activity – the difficulty quieting and stilling the mind.

This month, we'll be focusing the warmth of summer, and how that influences your pitta dosha. You'll discover powerful tools that help inspire new asanas, delicious foods, and inspiring essentials that will help balance and center your practice during this bright and beautiful time of the year.

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