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The Very Best Yoga Gifts: Thoughtful, Simple, and Loving

No one needs another mug. I promise you. Did you catch that, Andrea?

We are yoga lovers. It's never boring for us. There's no cajoling or coaxing us into rolling out our mats to practice. We're psyched to spend a Saturday night going to a sound bath class or doing yoga with a DJ in black light. If yoga is involved, we are in.

The best yoga gifts are those that enhance our practice

I'm stoked if someone gives me a tiny bottle of essential oil because they said it reminded them of me. That's all it takes. Yoga lovers don't want or need you to spend a lot of money. Hell, if you just come to a class with us, we're tickled.

Keep it simple. How many times in our lives have we heard that? I have Raynaud's Syndrome. So my hands get easily cold and even numb. My partner has bought me 3, count em, THREE pairs of very expensive battery-operated gloves to remedy the sitch. And none of them worked well or even kept working poorly. He finally gave up and bought me a box of HotHands warmers that I could slip in my gloves. Perfection. The best yoga gifts remove a distraction from our lives.

It's so easy to give a thoughtful gift

All we have to do is think about the thing our loved ones enjoy the most. For us, it's yoga. Incense, candles, a dry brush, and a really great mat cleaner all make the list for best yoga gifts. And if you have little to no money, offer to come over with your mat and practice at home with us. Enjoying tea and meaningful conversation is one of the best yoga gifts you can give. Your time is valuable. Your friendship means everything.

What would be the best yoga gifts for you?

I'm so grateful when someone just tells me what they want. Express your desires, needs, and wishes. Make it easy on those who really want to give to you. Both giving and receiving feel mighty nice. As much as we yoga folk are more inclined to give, remembering that by receiving we give that opportunity to another.

Have the happiest and healthiest of holidays, y'all! Thank you for all you give to the world all year long.