Tips for Managing Sweat During Yoga

Tips for Managing Sweat During Yoga

Sweating isn’t just for cardio junkies and weight lifters. Even the fittest individuals can break a sweat after the first few sun salutations of their yoga practice. It’s normal, it's often expected, and it’s good for you!

By sweating it out, your body naturally releases toxins through the skin and cools itself off as you continue to bend, twist, stretch, squeeze, and balance. Completely eliminating sweat isn't always possible unless you're practice mostly involves meditating while not moving, but managing it so that it doesn’t negatively impact performance is always possible if you find yourself slipping and sliding all over your mat.

Whether you’re practicing in a nicely air-conditioned home or a hot yoga studio, there are some good tricks for dealing with excess sweat. Here are some helpful options to consider.

Practice distributing your weight more evenly. Less slippage from sweaty hands and feet will come with experience. As you keep practicing, you’ll continue to get a better feel for how to activate your hands and feet as effectively and firmly as you can while gaining more strength in the arms, shoulders, legs and core to hold yourself in place.

Bring a towel along. A quick wipe of your face, neck, and any other spots that may be dripping with sweat can provide some good relief. Keep it close to your mat so you can grab it fast when you need it.

Get a non-slip mat. For a bit of extra dough, you can get a high-quality yoga mat designed to keep you from slipping in your own sweat. Many non-slip mats are also eco-friendly, which is a huge plus!

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing. If what you’re wearing is getting soaked or constricting you to the point that it’s uncomfortable, then it’s worth splurging on some new outfits. Do some research on brands that sell top quality yoga wear made to stretch and breathe well as you move.

Wear grippable yoga socks and gloves. There are sorts of different socks and gloves available these days made specifically to help yogis get a better grip of their mats. Many styles are also fingerless and toeless, with just the necessary padding for the best support.

Use a fan if you’re practicing at home. If you prefer to practice at home alone, it’s easy enough to invest in a small fan that you can place nearby for some extra airflow. It’ll feel especially nice during those times when you have to hold still and stay balanced.

Get outside for a change. It’s spring, so why not look into joining a yoga class that practices outdoors? A nice breeze will make all the difference in keeping you cool with the added bonus of maintaining presence and connection with nature.

Learn to embrace every bead of sweat. Hey, sweat happens! You might as well get used to it. As you develop your practice and learn to become more aware and accepting of everything that's happening the moment, the sweat won’t bother you as much — if at all.

So what do you think about sweating through yoga? Love it or hate it? It may not be glamorous, and that’s okay. Just breathe, stay present, and keep going.

Photo (edited) via Kullez