6 Beginner Yogi Tips for Working With Healing Stones

Gemstones aren’t just neat to look at. For centuries, they’ve been used for healing purposes and even today they can help to enhance the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your yoga practice.

When it comes to working with stones, everything from color to chemical makeup influences their healing properties. By choosing ones with healing properties that suit your personal needs or desires and using them properly in your yoga practice, you can connect to them and harness their energies to benefit your performance and overall well-being.

If you’re new to working with stones, here are a few tips to get you started with integrating the healing properties of crystals into your yoga practice.


1. Know Your Stones’ Healing Properties

First things first: do your research on the stones you have or want to acquire. You don’t need to become an expert in stone healing, but you should at least known their main uses. For example, rose quartz is ideal for cultivating self-love and compassion while hematite can promote concentration and grounding.


2. Sit in Meditation With a Stone in Each Hand

If you start or finish your practice in seated meditation, you can take two stones or clusters of small stones in each of your hands to allow the energy to flow through your body. You can even get specific stones made to fit in your hands (called palm stones) that are slightly larger, flatter, and smoother so you can hold them easily.


3. Place Stones at the Top or Around Your Mat

You can place stones around your mat, at the corners of your mat, at specific points along the perimeter of your mat, or even just at the very top of your mat (which might be ideal if you’re only using a single stone). Just be sure to place them far away enough that you won’t step or land on your stones in poses that involve moving slightly off the mat—like wild thing or rock star..


4. Wear Your Stones

One of the biggest benefits of wearing your stones is that they’ll be physically touching your body and staying within your aura through your practice, which promotes stronger energy healing. Of course, the downside is that jewelry pieces like dangling necklaces and malas can be distracting as you try to move around your mat. If you want to wear your stones during your practice, a loosely fitted bracelet might be your best option.


5. Place Stones on the Chakras While Lying in Savasana

If you want to do some chakra work and promote healing on a specific chakra, you could place a particular stone on your chakra of choice when you take rest in savasana. So if you’d like to balance your root chakra, you could place a red tiger’s eye stone on your lower abdomen for grounding and protection. Alternatively, you could place an amethyst stone on your third eye for a clear and peaceful mind.


6. No Crystals? No Problem! Do This Instead…

Believe it or not, you don’t necessarily need to own every kind of stone to tap into their healing properties. If there’s a particular stone that you like but don’t have access to, you can simply meditate on the stone and its properties as you sit on your mat or hold a particular yoga pose. Simply calling upon the stone's power can be enough to harness some of its energy.