Time to Blossom

Time to Blossom

The seasonal transition from winter to spring is one of the most exciting and renewing times of the year. Besides the obvious transformation that occurs in our natural environment, there's a significant transformation that takes place among the human spirit as well.

According to Ayurveda, spring is kapha season, which brings more wetness as we move away from the cold, dry winter season (characterized by vata dosha). Kapha is also responsible for introducing more warmth as we slowly move further away from winter and into late spring.

Unfortunately, sometimes some of that leftover winter sluggishness can hang on stubbornly even as we feel our energies start to shift toward something lighter and more active. And this may hold us back from blossoming into our greatest potential.

Ready to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring? Focus on the following tips to help inspire your sense of renewal, and you’ll be bursting with life all through spring and into the summer!

Meditate on Your Desires

Whether you already have a meditation practice or not, taking as little as 10 minutes a day to sit in silence and detach from all the mental turbulence going on in your mind is a great way to clearer about what it is you really want to embody as we move into the warmer months of the year. You may even wish to focus your meditation on becoming more aware of the subtle feelings or urges that hint at your deepest desires. Notice them and then consider writing about them in a journal immediately after your meditation to help you interpret their meanings.

Reinvigorate Yourself Through Your Diet

Now is the time to start phasing out some of those heavier winter foods while replacing them with lighter dishes. But instead of going straight to eating too many raw fruits and vegetables, aim to focus on bitter and astringent foods that are easily digested, which can help clear up excess kapha that may have collected over the winter. Keep using spices like ginger and turmeric to promote blood circulation.

Integrate Cleansing Poses Into Your Yoga Practice

Just like the spring cleaning that’s typically done around the home, you may feel inspired by the new season to shift toward more of a cleansing, detoxifying approach in your practice. Twisting poses can help with digestion as they offer the abdominal organs a gentle massage while doing double duty by encouraging the mind to release stress and get back to a place of calm. Poses like Bharadvaja’s twist, half lord of the fishes, revolved triangle, and revolved side angle are just a few suggested twisting poses to work into your practice this spring.

Breathe and Let Go

It can be a lot of fun to work on identifying your new goals for spring, to freshen up your diet, and to try something new in your practice, but doing those things alone may not be enough to help you get past anything that you may be unnecessarily holding onto and that may be holding you back. Aim to do a daily check-in with yourself by becoming mindful of what you’re feeling. You may need to spend some time with those feelings so that they can be properly felt and released.

As a final bonus tip, look to Mother Nature herself to inspire you to start and maintain some of these positive, healthy habits for spring. Whether it’s as something as subtle as noticing a single blade of new grass peek through the Earth or as obvious as a big temperature increase, anything that signifies the coming of warmer days can help you on your own personal journey toward greater transformation.