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5 Ways a Singing Bowl Can Benefit Your Home Practice

I remember the first time I heard a singing bowl

I was still fairly new to yoga, and still getting used to the entire vibe and all of the accouterments that were commonplace in the yoga world realm.  The instructor, Christina, had an ethereal energy and I was enthralled with her. We were in a silent savasana, and I was dwelling somewhere in between the plains of awake and asleep. And then I heard it. One clear, bright, soul-stirring sound. One note. It not only brought me back to awareness of my surroundings. It touched on something deep. Something I didn't know I could feel.

As I found my way back to a seat and listened to her words of wisdom and encouragement, I could still feel that singular note resonating within. Everyone around me began rolling up their mats and putting props back in their proper place. But I didn't want to move. I wanted to be with this new, exciting feeling.

Eventually, I packed up too. But before I left the space, I asked Christina about the sound and how she created it. She smiled and signaled for me to follow her to the front of the studio. She handed me the bowl and mallet, encouraging me to try it out. My first attempt did not produce anything other than a clunking noise. She laughed and showed me how to hold it delicately in the palm of my hand. She encouraged a confident yet gentle touch. I tried again. This time, I received a song. But it didn't sound the same as what she produced.

She explained the singing bowl is capable of many notes depending on where exactly contact is made and how it's made and by whom. She equated it to playing any instrument. She compared it to a guitar and how depending on who's playing, it can sound incredibly different and evoke totally unique emotions.

I was blown away by this, and officially hooked.

5 Ways to Include a Singing Bowl in Your Practice

If you already have a home practice, then you're likely always looking for new ways to give it more meaning. Singing Bowls offer a myriad of benefits.

  • mental clarity
  • calming the central nervous system
  • improving concentration
  • inspiring internal vibrations and a deeper connection to your chakra system

Once you begin to incorporate them on a regular basis, you'll likely find the benefits increase.

Try any of these 5 ways to incorporate a singing bowl into your yoga practice

  1. Use it at the very beginning of your practice so your brain and internal system respond with readiness. It's a learned indication it's now time to practice.
  2. Use it at the end of practice in the same way. It offers a conclusion that resonates even after you've stepped away from your mat. Try choosing a number of times you'll ring the bowl. Once may be enough, but if your lucky number is 3, go with that.
  3. Use your singing bowl in harmony with other singing bowls. Collect a variety of sizes and bowls made with different materials to evoke a symphony that you create.
  4.  If you're practicing slower yin or hatha-style, you could ring the singing bowl between each pose or mini-sequence to reset and refresh your attention.
  5. Use a singing bowl before attempting postures that are difficult or not yet obtainable. Ring the bowl to indicate to yourself that you can embrace any challenge that comes your way.

If you've never tried it, I'm already so excited for you. Who knows what kind of reactions and emotions lay in wait that you've yet to feel.


Win a 3 Day, 3 Night Mindfulness AcroYoga Retreat in Ozark National Forest, Arkansas

How would you like to spend a weekend in one of the country’s most beautiful and breathtaking national parks? Known for its unique topographical, geological, and biological features, Ozark National Forest (located in the northwest of Arkansas) is the perfect getaway setting for any yogi who craves the healing powers of Mother Nature in her lushest forested landscapes and scenic rugged mountains.

This February, we’re giving away not one, but two spots to an incredible Ozark Mindfulness AcroYoga Retreat that will take place this May. We’ve teamed up with Max and Liz Lowenstein of Max and Liz Acro for this 3 day, 3 night retreat in what’s considered the world’s most beautiful location.



This retreat is for yogis who are willing to unplug and activate their mindfulness muscle so they can calm their minds and rejuvenate their spirits. No Wi-Fi or reception service is available in the location so that all retreat members can be fully present.

Max and Liz will take your healing and rejuvenation further than your typical yoga and meditation sessions with soothing sound healing techniques and the chance to try something new with a fluid style of yoga that combines yoga, acrobatics, and Thai massage—called called acroyoga. This is truly more than your average yoga retreat!



Retreat participants will be asked to check in between noon and 5 on Friday before the opening circle ceremony at 5:30pm and a mindful eating dinner at 8:00pm. Saturday’s itinerary starts off early with breakfast at 7:00am followed by a morning hike with meditation and yoga before lunch around noon. Acroyoga and other activities follow in the afternoon before dinner at 6:00pm and a sound healing session at 8:00pm.

Sunday morning follows the same schedule as Saturday’s, followed by a standing acrobatics and Thai massage session in the afternoon. The closing circle ceremony takes place at 5:00pm and participants may check out anytime before 10:00am the next morning (Monday).

All of the following amenities are included in the Ozark Mindfulness AcroYoga Retreat:

  • Room accommodations
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks (with the exception of Saturday night’s vegan potluck dinner)
  • All the tea you want to drink
  • Daily yoga and chanting sessions
  • Daily acroyoga sessions
  • Daily sound healing sessions with sound baths
  • Daily meditation sessions
  • Lesson in personal photography/photoshoot
  • Morning hikes



This incredible Ozark Mindfulness AcroYoga Retreat is scheduled to take place this upcoming Friday, May 25th to Monday, May 28th. If you think you could use a break to reconnect with Mother Nature and renew yourself from the inside out, but don’t have the time or funds to go on a long or pricey vacation, why not enter for your chance to win this one?

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Win an 8 Day, 7 Night Soundscape Yoga & Sound-Healing Retreat in Panama

Known for its famous canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific, Panama is a tropical rainforest and beach oasis that attracts all sorts of travelers and yogis from across the globe. The country has the largest rainforest in the Western Hemisphere behind the Amazon Rainforest and is home to some of the most exotic and diverse wildlife and plant species in the world.

This November, one of our lovely Yogi Surprise members will win a spot at this incredible 8 day, 7 night Panama Soundscape Yoga & Sound-Healing Retreat led by Yogi Surprise ambassador Cassandra Justine. With a focus on healing through the senses, you’ll walk away feeling refreshed and transformed in ways you never imagined.



During this retreat, you’ll tap into the power of nature to explore the five koshas—layers of being that all humans have—through sound and meditation. By doing this work, you’ll come closer to discovering your true, divine nature beneath all those layers.

This retreat will take place at Eco Venao, located on the South Pacific Coast of Panama. You’ll get to stay in one of the lodge’s luxurious guest houses (La Casa Espave, La Casona, or La Casita)—all with air conditioning and breathtaking views from their terraces. There are also pools all around the beach, bars and entertainment (including live music), plus yoga props available during yoga sessions.



Eco Venao features a gorgeous yoga deck called La Salsa right on the beach with a 180-degree view of the ocean and surrounding rainforest. Its palm roof, high ceilings, and tweak floors make it an ideal space for everything from yoga and meditation, to sound-healing and dancing.



The following amenities are included in this retreat:

  • Room & board accommodation
  • Three daily meals including breakfast, lunch, and dinner from locally sourced foods (GMO-free and vegetarian)
  • Half-day island tour with opportunities for snorkelling, swimming, and seeing whales or turtles (includes road transportation, boat ride, lunch, drinks, umbrellas)
  • 20-minute waterfall hike on property
  • Shuttle transportation to and from the airport

Airfare is not included. Surf lessons and horseback riding are also available for additional charges.



This Panama Soundscape Yoga & Sound-Healing Retreat is scheduled to take place this upcoming February 3rd to 10th, 2018. If you’d like to bring a friend or partner along, you can specify whether you’d like to have a private room or a shared bed.

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