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Sacral Chakra Affirmations & Exercises to Enhance Your Sex Life

Would you like a better sex life?

Who wouldn't, right? It's really about finding the best way for each of us individually to connect with what inspires and excites us. And we all know that our sex drive comes from a deeply emotional place. Even when we want to deny that and insist it's more primal or purely physical, sex is about connection. Connecting to our emotions are how we do that. Gratitude for having a body that functions and can move in sexual ways is another time-tested strategy. And communication is everything. Sacral chakra affirmations can only help us discover our sexuality in more profound ways.

Important deets about the sacral chakra

  • It's the second chakra. It lives right above the root chakra and it builds on that strong foundation.
  • It's Sanskrit name is Svadhisthana and it means "your own place". This is where you own yourself and all that makes you who you are.
  • The sacral chakra's function is emotional connection and pleasure. Roar. We need to value doing things purely for pleasure in a more meaningful way. Sacral chakra affirmations remind us it's not only okay to feel good, it's imperative.
  • Balancing the sacral chakra provides a greater sense of flexibility and fluidity. Its element is water. Knowing how to flow with changes big and small allows us to retain a sense of calm and well-being even when the storms come. Our sexuality is often a reflection of our stress-reactions so being capable of still connecting to our sex drives no matter what we're dealing with helps us to keep our second chakra balanced.

So how do we do this? Oh, you know what I'm going to say. We practice, a lot! But what a fun and motivating practice it is. Let's start with some sacral chakra affirmations that will help us remember our sexuality and remind us to not check out when our feelings bubble up. Even when feelings bring us pleasure, sometimes this can be overwhelming. If we're experiencing self-worth issues, we're likely to scramble away from feeling anything too intense.

Sacral Chakra affirmations

Try these affirmations first thing in the morning and anytime you may feel your sex drive waning or distractions from life creeping into your sexual world.

I am grateful I can see, hear, taste, smell, and feel touch intensely. 

My sexuality is deeply valuable and it's unique to me.

What I find pleasurable and exciting helps me connect to myself on a boundless level. 

Sacral Chakra exercises to bring your fantasies to life

Incorporate these practices to build on the already strong foundation you have and increase both your pleasure and sense of connection to yourself and others.  Our sacral chakra needs constant attendance and inspiration to continue to thrive and extend to the health of our other chakras. Try these in conjunction with sacral chakra affirmations.

  1. Lay down with your hands on your belly. Breath deeply and implore your mind to open. Create a vision of the sexual being you are and add texture and context to lead you towards who you want to be in this realm of your life. What excites you? What drives your passion? If you have a partner, incorporate them into your vision. If you don't, create the partner you want mentally and determine how you want them to respond to you emotionally and sexually.
  2. Make a written list of all your fantasies. Don't hold back. Include places, outfits, props, toys, food, role plays, and anything else that gets you excited. Read this list daily and continue to add to it. Manifest the sexual world you wish to live in.
  3. Practice yoga poses that enliven your sensuality. What postures make you feel alive, beautiful, and full of vigor? Do them daily, several times a day if you're having trouble igniting your connection to the sexual being you are.
  4. Incorporate your root chakra energy and your solar plexus chakra into the development of your sacral chakra balance. Borrow from those energy balances by grounding practices as well as empowering exercises to stimulate and solidify how well your sacral chakra functions. To empower yourself and find a deeper sense of fulfillment, try projecting your voice, getting out of your comfort zone, and asserting yourself in positive ways.

The life we want is begging us to live it. We just might have to direct a little more energy in its direction to have all that we deserve. Enjoy your explorations.

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