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Yoga Symbols and Why They Compel Us So Very Much

What's the first thing you think when you see someone wearing a t-shirt featuring an OM?

"That human digs yoga."

"They are probably an open-minded sort."

"I'm going to ask her where she practices yoga."

"Am I OMing correctly?"

Essentially, yoga symbols have meaning to us because we feel a deep and profound love for yoga and want to express it

Symbols have always been a potent way to announce devotion, support, and reverence. They tell the world an important piece of our identity and values.

  • Religious people often wear a piece of jewelry announcing their membership, such as a cross or Star of David.
  • The yin/yang symbol holds strong meaning in Taoism and represents the pursuit of balance and wholeness. It also stands for the beginning point for change.
  • In Native American culture, the bull skull is symbolic of offering protection from the natural elements. It also stands for strength, courage, and leadership.

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Yoga symbols have grown wildly popular. If you actively observe this, you'll find them everywhere from jewelry, clothing, tattoos, pillows, paintings and sculptures, hell, even nail polish decals.

The Om is probably the most recognizable and popular. I decided to count the number of Om yoga symbols I saw on one given day. On that day, I taught 3 yoga classes, visited Whole Foods, pumped gas, walked a friend's dog, and met someone for coffee. With that day in mind, here is a breakdown of the number of Om yoga symbols I observed:

  • 11 Om tattoos (visible) on arms, lower backs, legs, and one on a neck.
  • 2 manicures featuring an Om sign.
  • 19 tanks/tee-shirts/sweat-shirts/leggings with the Om symbol!
  • 28 (!!) items for sale including pillows, clothing, skin-care, sculptures, paintings, and even an oil diffuser in the shape of an Om.

Of all the yoga symbols, Om speaks to people on a different frequency. It says that yoga is a prevailing force and focus in my life and I consider my yoga practice as representing the way I live.

Other beloved yoga symbols include the lotus flower. Its resilience and ability to spread beauty and light even in the most unlikely of places is empowering. The Hamsa symbol is also heavily represented in the yoga world for its protective powers. Mala beads are everywhere. Often referred to as 'yoga bling' mala bead necklaces and bracelets are both gorgeous and useful for meditation and as touchstones for our practice.

Wearable yoga symbols to shout with pride and passion who we are so the whole world will know will always be a powerful way to speak without words. Wear them loudly and spread your positive messages of love, strength, and passion to others.