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3 Big Benefits of Yoga Poses for 2 and 2 Partner Postures That Don't Require Acrobatics

Yoga poses for 2 could be the strategy you've been missing

If you're already an avid yoga-lover and really wanting and wishing that your partner would get more involved, then practicing yoga poses for two people may just be the very thing that makes it happen.

It's not uncommon for one partner to love yoga and the other to feel resistant. The one who already knows just how powerful the practice is and all of the vast benefits it offers is typically really hopeful they can change the mind of the other. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. But if you've never tried the strategy of yoga poses for 2, here are some truly sound arguments in support of practicing together that could nudge your resistant significant other or friend in the direction you've been trying to guide them.

Partner yoga is a terrific way to introduce the practice to someone you love

We have many partners in this world. This is a fun, supportive practice that lightens things up and keeps it interesting. Grab a lover, friend, or yoga buddy to experience some truly impactful benefits that yoga for 2 offers.

3 Benefits of yoga poses for 2:

  • Learning that both giving and taking are equally important. I know so many overly generous people who have such a hard time receiving. In partner yoga, it's all about balance and equality. Sometimes you're the support person and sometimes it's your turn to redeem. For those who really struggle with this, enjoying yoga poses for two people will lovingly force you out of your comfort zone and hopefully help you understand both are incredibly important. Experiencing gratitude for the opportunity to understand the pose from both angles is emotionally very satisfying.
  • It's fun, dammit. We underestimate the intense importance of just having a really good time. You'll laugh, you'll get confused, and you'll do it together. Doing yoga with a partner helps each of us lighten up and enjoy the experience for what it is. Find the silliest person in your life and get together spending time doing yoga poses for 2. You'll have a blast and you'll also move your body in delightful and effective ways.
  • It's a bonding experience. If you've already done partner yoga, you know the shared experience brought you closer to your partner. It increases communication because not only do you need to discuss pressure, the amount of twisting, and what's working and what isn't, but you also can cheer the other person on with kind words and appreciation for their help and nurture.

Try these simple yoga poses for 2

Nothing fancy here folks. There are lots of acro yoga classes and workshops out there that you might dig. But if you're brand new to both yoga and the partner yoga experience, keeping it simple at first to get the hang of working with both your body and someone else's is far less intimidating than holding someone up in the air with just your feet to support their weight.

  1. Seated partner twist (pictured above). It feels so good and it's really easy. Sit back to back, nestle in, and align your spines as best you can depending on your height ration. Reach your right hand back for your partner's left knee and place your own left hand on your right knee. Twist on the exhales and discuss if you want to go deeper or if one of you is happy right where you are. Practice coordinating your breath. Go for five breaths, and switch sides.
  2. Partner Tree Pose. There are a lot of variations for this one, but to keep it simple, stand next to your partner, hips touching and each of you raise your opposite foot to the inseam of your thigh or shin. you can bring the arms nearest to one another together or hold hands and. raise your opposite arms. you can also wrap your arms around one another's backs for added support and touch the arms farthest away from each other together over your heads. Play with it. Fall out of it and try again, this time maybe without your hips touching but an inch or so apart. Try it a different way on the other side.

Partner yoga is all about experimenting, connecting, having fun, and practicing more yoga together. Give it a go