Finding Peace in Nature

Finding Peace in Nature

It’s impossible not to notice the burst of energy that Mother Nature rekindles for us in the spring. April is one of those months of the year where the active wildlife and blooming plants draw our attention to the miracle of rebirth as every living thing around us grows stronger and fuller each day.

Reconnecting to nature helps keep us grounded. Though it may feel good to get swept up by the lively energies of the spring season, staying present and calm is what we need to maintain balance.

Finding peace in nature is as simple as using your senses. Used mindfully, your senses will help ground you and keep you where your feet are when your mind wants to pull you into your thoughts.


April is a wonderful month to pay close attention to the visual beauty of nature while everything around us begins to grow. Look for those few blades of new grass poking up from the earth, the budding leaves on nearby trees, small animals scurrying around, and even some varieties of flowers starting to show that they're ready to bloom.

Really look at these elements of nature and notice everything from the purity of their regrowth, to the vibrancy of their colors. How does it make you feel?


Go into any forest or wooded area away from the hustle and bustle of modern life, and you’ll undoubtedly be able to hear all sorts of big and little sounds coming from everywhere. Listen for birds chirping, the wind blowing, last year’s leaves crunching beneath your feet, and anything else that makes even the subtlest sound.

Be present with each passing sound, noticing it fully as it starts and as it ends. If you can, feel the vibration of the sound with your body as well.


Our sense of touch gets a real treat in spring as we say goodbye to the persistent feeling of cold and dryness. In April, you may feel the first significant touch of warmth from the sun and moisture from the air.

Whenever you step outside, or go out for a walk, bring your awareness to your sensation of touch. How does the wind feel blowing on your face? Can you feel the abundance of love and light as the sun wraps its rays around you?


Last but not least, always remember to breathe — especially when you’re seeking that sense of peace and calmness of mind. Breathing in deeply through your nose and out through your mouth will also simultaneously allow you to explore the two last senses — smell and touch — in your outdoor environment.

As you breathe in the fresh, warm, moist air of spring, be mindful of seasonal aromas like fresh grass, warm soil, rainwater, and damp wood. Chances are if you can smell them with your nose, you can probably taste them with your mouth too!

Be Still and Silent

You’re more likely to find that sense of peace in nature if you can stop what you’re doing and just allow the thoughts flowing through your mind to calmly break away from your awareness. This is mindfulness meditation.

In stillness and silence, you can increase your awareness as you focus on your sensations of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste — one by one, in whichever order you like and however many times you'd like to return to them.

There is perhaps no more effective path toward achieving an instant feeling of peace than by looking toward nature. Enjoy it while you’re there in the moment.