4 Ways to Have a More Eco-Friendly Yoga Practice

4 Ways to Have a More Eco-Friendly Yoga Practice

There are countless ways we could all tweak our lifestyle habits so that they’re more environmentally friendly — some of which are more realistic than others. As yogis, we have the opportunity to look toward our practice to see where we might be able to make a few improvements.

Here are just four ways to make your yoga practice a whole lot greener!

Upgrade to an Eco-Friendly Mat

Do you know what your yoga mat is made of? If you picked your mat up at just any old store, chances are it might be made out of certain types of plastics or other unrecyclable materials that don’t break down well in the environment.

While it may cost slightly more than any regular yoga mat, an eco-friendly mat that’s made from biodegradable, chemical-free materials (such as all-natural rubber) is worth the extra investment. Most are also very high-quality designed to last for years and years.

Treat Yourself to Some New Eco-Friendly Clothing

If your current yoga attire is made from synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon, or rayon, then you can take that as an opportunity to shop around for more eco-friendly alternatives. Fabrics like polyester aren’t biodegradable and also take a lot of energy to produce.

There are all sorts of yoga apparel companies out there offering clothing made from recycled and sustainable materials. You can find some really unique clothing in a variety of different styles and designs made from organic cotton, recycled wool, hemp, and even recycled polyester.

Turn Everything Off Before Your Practice

If you practice at home, consider taking a short walk throughout your home to make sure that everything including lights, electronics, and anything else is turned off while not in use. Your time on the mat is your time to unplug, which simultaneously benefits both you and the environment.

Consider taking it to the next level by choosing to practice under natural light near a window so you don’t need to leave any lights on, without the help of a yoga workout playing on a nearby screen (if you have enough experience to create your own sequences), and without the fan or A/C blasting cool air at you. These types of changes may be difficult and uncomfortable at first, but they’ll help you conserve more energy while giving you the opportunity to get more deeply in touch with yourself in quieter stillness.

Take Your Practice Outside

Last but not least, there’s perhaps no greater way to make your practice more environmentally friendly than by getting outside to appreciate nature fully, just as it is. Whether you choose to practice in your own backyard, at a nearby park, or in some other green space, just one outdoor session has the power to expand your awareness.

The more you practice outside, the more likely you’ll be inspired to make more eco-friendly choices in all aspects of your life. This is the best way to make eco-friendly living feel less like a chore and more like a natural part of your lifestyle.