Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra - Unlock Your Inner Wisdom

“Within each of us is a light, awake, encoded in the fibers of our existence. Divine ecstasy is the totality of this marvelous creation experienced in the hearts of humanity.” ~Tony Samara


Since many yogis will undoubtedly feel the need to get back on track with contemplating, exploring, and fulfilling their life purpose as they continue on growing and improving themselves, the crown chakra is our focus for January. This chakra’s physical location is at the top of the head (the crown), connecting you with the Divine.

The crown chakra is connected to all the other chakras, so ensuring that these other energy centers are also balanced is essential to a well-balanced crown chakra. Energy is drawn up from the other chakras through the crown chakra, bringing you closer to higher levels of spiritual awareness and enlightenment.


The Importance of a Balanced Crown Chakra

When your crown chakra is open and balanced, you’ll experience connectedness to something greater than yourself and more joy in what you choose to do with your life. Instead of moving through life based on what you’ve been taught by others, what’s expected of you, or what will only serve you and you alone, you’ll be guided by your spirit to go beyond the constraints of your ego so you can serve your true purpose.

A balanced crown chakra is key to unlocking your inner wisdom in ways that drive you to pursue your purpose not for individual materialism, but for the greater good of everyone and everything that is connected to you. You’ll know that this chakra is balanced and opening when you feel a heightened sense of faith in the higher powers of the Universe and a humble sense of self-confidence in many aspects of your life.


Signs of an Unbalanced Crown Chakra

Crown chakra imbalances can reveal themselves in many different ways, but they all stem from one area of the body—the head. These are some of the most common signs of an unbalanced crown chakra:

  • Excessive thinking
  • Trouble analyzing thoughts
  • Brain fog
  • Confusion
  • Depression
  • Mood swings
  • Feelings of disconnection
  • Sleep problems and/or chronic fatigue
  • Headaches and migraine


Remedies to Help Balance Your Crown Chakra

Balancing your crown chakra is as simple as focusing on nurturing the spiritual aspects of your life. It involves removing yourself from activities and experiences that distract you and feed your ego.

Here are a few crown chakra-balancing things to focus on:

  • Silence
  • Relaxation
  • Mindfulness
  • Meditation or prayer
  • Light therapy
  • Music or sound recordings with deep, tonal sounds
  • Activities that you’re passionate about
  • Stones such as amethyst, selenite, clear quartz, and diamond
  • Essential oils such as lavender, rose, jasmine, frankincense, myrrh, and sandalwood


Yogi Surprise members are receiving a very special gift in their Lifestyle boxes this January to help them balance their crown chakras. Gemstone Organic's Mini Crown Chakra Bath Kit can be used in a ceremonial bath to help you calm your mind and body, call up a sense of gratitude, and expand your intuitive knowledge as you look toward 2018 with limitless hope and love.

Happy New Year, yogis!

4 Things All Yogis Can Do to Prepare for the New Year

Yoga New Year - 4 Things Yogis Can Do to Prepare

Yoga New Year

Whether you’ve already made a detailed list of New Year’s resolutions or you simply have the desire in mind to improve yourself in Next Year, any yogi can start preparing well ahead of January 1st.

Combined with these 5 questions to ask yourself while reflecting on the past year, the following practices have the power to spark some real transformation in you as you say goodbye to 2017. With the right frame of mind, you’ll be able to take on 2018 with a positive outlook and a courageous heart like never before!

Take these last few days of the year to start mentally preparing for the New Year with some of the following practices. You’ll be glad that you did!


Start by Practicing Mindfulness

Try a simple mindfulness meditation practice for just 5 minutes a day up until New Year’s (and beyond that, ideally, too). If you can be totally aware of what you’re doing or thinking while you’re doing/thinking it, you’ll be much more likely to succeed at replacing bad habits and behaviors with good ones.

And even if you can’t bring yourself stop engaging in a bad habit just yet (because let’s face it—the holidays are for indulging!), remember that just being mindful of what you’re doing will help. Over time, mindfulness will naturally lead you to correct your behavior.


Detoxify Your Mind

Mental detoxification and mindfulness go hand in hand. Diet detoxes are huge in January, but mental detoxes are just as important—if not more! Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to give up all those sweets and holiday goodies just yet to get your mental detox on.

Detoxifying the mind is as simple as minimizing things that contribute to overthinking and negative thoughts. Examples include using social media, excessive TV watching, worrying about what other people think of you, and reliving past negative experiences in your mind. Ask yourself, what bad mental habit could you really benefit from minimizing right about now?


Pick a Word That You Want Next Year to Be About

This is a super simple way to get clear about your intentions for the New Year. Think for a minute—if you had to pick a theme for the New Year, what word would represent that theme?

For example, if one of your biggest intentions is to strengthen your relationships and be a kinder person, you could choose the word, “connection,” or “compassion.” Try coming up with a list of words and see which words jump out at you the most if you’re having trouble choosing.


Plan to Take a New Year’s Themed Yoga Class

Many yoga studios hold classes around this time with themes centered around the New Year. Some of these themes might include detoxification, Crown Chakra balancing, or self-exploration—all of which will help you prepare to start the New Year off right.

Take a few moments to check out a local studio’s class schedule and look for a New Year’s class that appeals to you. If one of your resolutions is to start actually taking regular classes, this could be your chance to get a head start!


Happy New Year to you from all of us here at Yogi Surprise! We wish you the best in 2018 and can’t wait to share what we’ve got coming your way over the next year!

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Reflect on the Past Year

5 Questions to Ask Yourself to Reflect on the Past Year

As the end of the year draws closer, all of us yogis could really benefit from doing some serious reflective work on what we experienced over the past 12 months to help move us forward into the New Year.

By doing this work, we allow ourselves to grow. We leave what no longer serves us behind and embrace what we know is right for the future.

To start your end-of-year refection, you’ll need a few things:

  • A quiet, comfortable space where you can sit down and be uninterrupted for at least an hour (or longer if you choose)
  • Your journal or a few blank pages of lined paper
  • A pen or pencil
  • A glass of water or cup of herbal tea (optional)
  • A candle or aromatherapy diffuser (optional)
  • Some classical or ambient music (optional)

You're going to sit down and write as much as you can as you ask yourself the following five questions. Be as detailed as possible and don’t worry about spelling mistakes, grammar, conflicting thoughts, or mixed emotions—just start writing as the words come to you and don’t stop until nothing else comes to you.


1. Which areas of my life did I focus most of my energy on?

Sometimes we find ourselves wondering why certain areas of our lives are lacking, which is why it can be so eye-opening to get honest about where we’ve truly been focusing our energy. This is where we find our answers. For example, if you spent the past year wondering why your love life hasn't been very exciting, getting honest with yourself and becoming aware of the fact that you spent most of your time developing other areas (such as perhaps your health and fitness, or growing your career) can help you get started with shifting your priorities in the New Year.


2. What were some of the experiences that brought me the most happiness?

Think back through each month carefully and consider everything from big achievements to smaller, special moments. Refer to your previous journal entries if you regularly wrote in it over the past year. Those happy experiences that stick out the most to you are big hints at what you need to keep doing, do again, or build upon in the New Year.


3. What were some of my biggest struggles?

It’s easy to reflect upon happy times over the past year, but it's a different story for those experiences that left you feeling sad, rejected, humiliated, angered, hurt, emotionally out of control, lost, or scared, Those experiences, however, hold the key to some of the biggest lessons you’ll learn about yourself and about life. Acknowledge them, process them if you haven’t done so yet, forgive whoever needs to be forgiven (including yourself), make peace with them, and extract the important lesson you learned from them.


4. What habits and behaviors did I do that I want to leave behind?

We all have bad habits and behaviors we wish we could drop. Bad habits flourish when we’re operating at a low-conscious level, so the more aware you can make yourself of these bad habits, the greater the chance of success you’ll have at eliminating them for good. Even if you tried to drop a bad habit this past year but didn’t succeed, be compassionate toward it i yourself and explore your experiences with it. If something didn’t work, you know what you need to do—change it up or try something else.


5. What habits and behaviors did I do that I want to continue doing?

It’s just as important to take stock of the good habits and behaviours as it is of the bad ones, because the good ones are the ones you’ll want to focus more of your energy on in the New Year. These are the habits that move you closer to a greater sense of happiness, peace, and purpose. Whether you started taking yoga classes consistently or challenged yourself to be a little more mindful of your spending habits, make sure you write about the positive effects of those habits so that you became more aware of just how much they’re helping you grow.