10 Easy Ways to Honor Mother Nature's Gifts

10 Easy Ways to Honor Mother Nature's Gifts

There’s no time like late spring and early summer to become aware of just how miraculous Mother Nature truly is. This may be especially true for those of us who live in regions of the world where the fall and winter seasons are particular cold, dark, and long.

As life flourishes all around us, we’re reminded that these gifts are not only for us, but also a part of us too. By finding simple ways to honor the gifts that Mother Nature brings us this time of year, we can maintain that sense of awe and connection to something greater than ourselves.

Here are just 10 easy but fulfilling practices to consider trying.

1. Start a small garden. The growing season is upon us, and all you need to do is grab a few favorite herb or veggie seeds and a few other gardening supplies to start planting your own natural foods. Mother Nature will of course do the rest.

2. Start a compost pile. If it’s our intention to continuously give back to the Earth, Mother Nature will ensure that nothing will go to waste. Having a compost pile can provide a rich supply of soil to nourish your garden, lawn, houseplants, and surrounding outdoor areas.

3. Eat in season. This goes for any season, but it’s especially exciting in the late spring to start loading up on seasonal favorites like asparagus, berries, rhubarb, leafy greens and more.

4. Visit your local farmers market. Speaking of eating in season, you can see exactly what’s in season right now by visiting your local farmers market, which should be opening up soon (if not already). You’ll also support the local economy, which is a bonus!

5. Get a natural dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a tricky vitamin, and though you already may get plenty from food or even supplements, nothing really compares to getting it from natural sunlight. Enjoy it by going out for a few short minutes and allowing the sun to reach your skin.

6. Leave the windows open. The warmth of late spring/early summer means that you can rely less on the furnace and more on the balmy temperatures of the season. So crack a window or two and let some fresh air in!

7. Dry your laundry outside. Depending on where you live, you may be able to set up a clothesline or a clothing rack to dry out your clothes in the fresh, springtime air. You’ll save energy and end up with clothes that have been kissed with the freshness of Mother Nature herself!

8. Walk barefoot. Connecting directly with the Earth is not only good for you, but feels great too! Now that Mother Nature has awakened the grass and soil by wrapping it in her warmth and moisture, you can walk freely barefoot on it without it feeling too hard or cold on the soles of your feet.

9. Bring the outdoors in. Interesting looking stones, pieces of driftwood, dried out leaves, and other components of nature make great decorative pieces and might even inspire you to get a little crafty. As long as you’re not taking something that’s alive out of its environment, almost anything goes!

10. Help protect local plant and wildlife. Whether you decide to volunteer your time at a nonprofit organization or simply add a bird feeder to your yard, doing what you can to support local plants and wildlife will help make the area a better place for everyone to live.