One-Minute Grounding Tips to Calm and Center You

One-Minute Grounding Tips to Calm and Center You

Spring can be an exciting time as we ponder the endless possibilities of what’s to come when the most active, high-energy time of year finally arrives (a.k.a. summer!). However, it can be far too easy to lose ourselves in thought as we anxiously overanalyze what may or may not happen.

For these reasons, having a few quick and effective grounding practices can go a long way. They’re also useful for when we’re too busy or not in an ideal environment to do a lengthier, more inward-focused meditation.

If you have one minute to spare, you can ground and center yourself. Here are four grounding super simple, super quick grounding techniques to try.

Focus on your inhales and exhales.

Grounding yourself can be as simple as becoming mindful of your breathing. You don’t have to force yourself to change the way your breathing — just bring your awareness to the sensation of the air going in through your nose, down your throat, and into your lungs before breathing it back out again. After a few breaths with your full awareness placed on it, it’s likely that your body will naturally respond by slowing your breathing down as you become more grounded in the present.

Tune into the sensations in your body.

Whether you’re moving your body in some way or sitting almost perfectly still, you can bring yourself back to being fully in your physical body by placing your awareness on different body parts (such as in a body scan meditation) to fully feel what’s going on there. Many times, we’re hardly aware of some powerful sensations that are occurring in our feet, legs, hips, stomachs, and other body parts because we're so lost in thought. But when we tune into these parts, we open ourselves up to interpreting what our bodies are trying to tell us in this very moment.

Feel the ground beneath your feet.

What could be more grounding than noticing the connection between your two feet and the ground beneath you? If you have the opportunity to kick off your shoes so that you can stand or walk through the grass, you should definitely do it since there’s scientific evidence proving that transferring electrons from the Earth to our bodies is healing in many ways. If not, feeling your weight in your shoes and the support of the ground or floor beneath you can be enough to feel more grounded.

Look for signs of nature.

Last but not least, an easy way to ground yourself in as little as a few seconds to a minute is by taking a look around your current environment to spot anything that comes directly from nature. Something as simple as noticing a houseplant in the far corner of your home or looking out a window to the blue sky above are some simple examples. If you find that there’s nothing around you that comes straight from nature, see if you can step outside the door for a minute to see what’s out there and study it mindfully to promote a feeling of groundedness.

Try these one-minute grounding tips anytime you find yourself getting carried away by thought. You might be surprised by just how effective and fast acting they can be!