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All The Reasons Yogi Surprise Helps You Achieve the Practice You Really Need

Yogi Surprise exists to propel your practice

It's our singular dharma. All of us here at Yogi Surprise are deeply passionate about assisting you in enjoying the practice you want, need, and crave to discover on a daily basis.

And because our practice does change, we need various things to keep us focused and motivated. We're different every single day. Actually, if we want to get truly real, every single minute we are shifting. So our practice must reflect this and each carefully curated item included in a yogi surprise box is aimed towards not just improving your practice experience but enabling you to understand yourself, your goals, and what motivates you to both achieve and just simply be.

Yogi surprise is your toolbox

We all need one. Do you remember the first time you ever learned about the yamas and niyamas? I recall vividly thinking, "Where have these simple yet so inherently necessary concepts for living been all of my life?" It changed me. Effective and strong tools do that. Does a crystal have that kind of intrinsic power? It does if it provokes and steers you in the direction of positive thinking and growth.

Variety is everything and discovery is thrilling

The joy of stumbling across a previously unacknowledged instrument for provocation and change is unbridled. Before discovering yoga, I never knew how engaged I'd become with essential oils and their potency to make me feel so damn good. I'm never without one and I love sharing them with students, strangers, and loved ones. We underestimate scent. It has the ability to activate such a variety of emotions, thoughts, and ideas. Essential oils are believed to enhance our health. Ayurvedic medicine has used them for centuries to combat everything from nausea, headaches, and the common cold.

One of my very favorite gifts from yogi surprise came a few months ago. A small singing bowl with its own cushion to rest on showed up and changed my whole approach to a home practice. My partner loves it so much that he signed up to advance his knowledge of the singing bowl practice by registering for a sound bath training program to provide this gift to others. I highly doubt it ever would have occurred to him to explore this as a practice if this simple, lovely bowl hadn't shown up literally on our doorstep.

With just one simple suggestion, your whole life can change

Yogi surprise offers imperative and explorative suggestions in the forms of candles, teas, and chakra guides.  I've been researching the quote, "Wherever you go, there you are." Some sources say Confucious said it first. Jon Kabat-Zinn, renowned mindfulness instructor, has a book by that title. Essentially, we each have this opportunity to offer inspiration to others every second of the day. The more we explore and discover, the more we have to offer. I wouldn't be a yoga instructor if my beloved teacher hadn't suggested it to me. Mala beads are a reminder and suggestion to stay diligent with your practice. Wearing them serves us in the form of a beautiful touchstone. They invite others to strike up conversations. Mala beads have become known as 'yoga bling' but they also signal to others the invitation, "Come talk to me. Ask me about my practice. I want to hear about yours too."


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