5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Rainy Days

5 Ways to Make the Most Out of Rainy Days

Summer isn’t always filled with sunshine and blue skies. There may not be as many rainy days as there are in the spring, but several regions across North American and the rest of the world tend to see at least a few wash out days throughout the summer season.

Whether you’re at the cottage, at a campground, in a hotel, or even just at home, you can take advantage of rainy days when they make it difficult or even impossible to follow through with your summertime plans. Here are a few suggested things you can do to turn your rainy summer day into a day that lifts you up instead of brings you down.

Open the Windows for a Calming Effect

Unless it’s pouring outside and you'll risk water damage to your indoor environment, opening up the windows during a light summer rain can be seriously calming, which may be helpful if you’re feeling blue about your plans having to be put on hold due to the weather. Listening to the pitter patter of the rain on the ground and allowing the scent of fresh rainwater to waft in can help you achieve a state of acceptance and peace.

Do Some Meditative Deep Breathing Exercises

According to a study published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, the air is actually fresher and cleaner during and after it rains, so why not take it all in? Sit by an open window or under a dry, sheltered area somewhere outside where you can focus on your breath and practice mindfulness meditation. The soothing sounds of the rain may even make it easier for beginner meditators to focus as opposed to trying to practice while sitting in complete silence.

Invigorate Your Yoga Practice With Mood-Boosting Poses

Rainy days might put you in a slump, but that’s no excuse to skip your practice. Incorporate poses that energize and invigorate your spirit to keep you in an uplifted state of mind until the rain passes. Spend a little more time in poses like downward-facing dog split, high lunge, low lunge, single leg forward bend and upward-facing dog or cobra pose.

Get All Your Healthy Meal Prep Done for the Week

Having to stay indoors because of the rain can make you feel frustrated, anxious, and bored enough to start mindlessly snacking on comfort foods. To avoid eating too many calories and feeling worse by the end of the rainy day than you did at the beginning, use your time indoors to go grocery shopping and plan out all your healthy meals for the week. The best part is that you can munch on fresh fruits and veggies as you go!

Take a Nap

Don’t feel guilty about being a bit lazy on a rainy day. When you have to postpone plans because of the weather, taking the time to relax and rest up will help you feel at your best when those sunny days return. Cloudier skies and cooler temperatures will make it more comfortable to nap while the sights, sounds, and smells of the rain will help lull you to sleep. Whether you decide to take a short nap or a longer one on a rainy day, be sure to soak up all that restfulness and enjoy it fully!