4 Ways to Strengthen Your Sense of Life Purpose Through Your Practice

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Sense of Life Purpose Through Your Practice

“Your purpose in life is to find your purpose and give your whole heart and soul to it.” —Buddha

Some people grow up just knowing that they were born to teach children, or to travel the world, or to be a mother, or to study climate change. Most people, however, struggle to define their purpose well into their adult years—even if they seem to have great careers, great relationships, and great lives overall.

It’s easy to let life’s numerous distractions and endless responsibilities take your time and energy away from you when your heart is longing to fulfill something more meaningful. But through yoga, you can harness your internal awareness so that youcan learn more about yourself and your deepest desires.

Bless the Day With Purpose

You don’t necessarily need to have already found your true purpose to start living a life of purpose. As soon as you wake up or step on your mat at the beginning of your morning practice, simply remind yourself that each and every day is a blessing, and that you value living a life of purpose, humility, service, and grace. This will help keep you focused on the tasks you want to accomplish and the type of energy you want to bring to your day rather than being swept away by distraction.

Realign Yourself With Your Intentions

Setting an intention at the beginning of each practice can bring you closer to your purpose. Doing this is as simple as being still and silent, focusing on your breath, and allowing your intention to be brought to your awareness through the emotions and sensations in your body. You can affirm this intention to yourself by saying it silently or out loud. Make sure you also understand the difference between setting intentions and setting goals.

Meditate on Your Dharma

You can’t discover your purpose by focusing entirely on the outside world. Instead, you have to look inward, and nothing accomplishes this better than by meditating. In ancient teachings, your dharma is your divine duty—an inner type of wisdom or guidance from the cosmos that not only comes from within you, but from the universe. In meditation, you can explore and consider whether you are being true to your highest self and release anything that may be pulling you away.

Pause to Notice Feelings

If you’re constantly on the go in your everyday life, you may be unknowingly doing the same in your practice. By cultivating pause while you're on your mat, you get more time to simply be. And by getting more time to simply be, you gain new insights about yourself. The more insights you discover about yourself, the more freedom you have to choose between living a life of higher purpose and love, or a life stuck in a much lower state consciousness. Pausing may be difficult and even unpleasant for the mind to endure, but it will strengthen your awareness muscle, which is exactly what you want to do if you want to find your true purpose so you can start living it.

Image (edited) via Pierce Martin