8 Simple and Practical Ways to Enhance Your Meditation Space

8 Simple and Practical Ways to Enhance Your Meditation Space

You can certainly mediate almost anywhere that’s relatively quiet and free from distraction, but making a welcoming space for meditation can help you relax more easily whenever you sit down for your practice.

Here are a few good tips for creating a meditation space that soothes your mind and gets you in touch with your true self.


1. Pick a space that makes you feel calm.

Most people don’t have an entire room to dedicate to meditation, which is why it’s fine to pick any space in your bedroom, living room, guest room or other room that is easy to relax in. During the warmer seasons, you could even take your meditation outdoors to your backyard or patio.


2. Consider the sound you want to tune into while meditating.

Quiet spaces are best for meditation, but if you like a little background noise, you could choose a space near a window if you like listening to the traffic in the distance, in front of an analog clock if you prefer the ticking noise of the second hand, or somewhere near a sound system so you can put some ambient music on low volume.


3. Remove clutter.

Physical clutter will make it more difficult to detach from thoughts, so make sure to consider finding a new home for anything that doesn’t serve your meditation practice. Since your meditation spaces might also double as a regular living space, however, you can certainly get away with leaving a few items—as long as they don’t distract you or trigger negative thoughts and feelings.


4. Make sure you have something comfortable to sit on.

Some people like to meditate on their couches or in their lounge chairs while others like to meditate on their beds or on the floor. Pick a seat you know you’ll be comfortable sitting on, taking into consideration your poster, the softness/hardness of your seat, and whether you want to have your legs straight out in front of you or bent.


5. Bring a few elements of nature into your space.

Nature will help ground you as you prepare to sit down to meditate, so decorating your space with natural items can enhance this effect. You could try adding a houseplant, a piece of driftwood, a few stones, some seashells or even some artwork of a natural landscape.


6. Use a blanket, throw, quilt, or scarf to help keep yourself warm.

Resting in one spot without moving, slowing the breath, and calming the mind can have a cooling effect on body temperature, which is why it can be worthwhile to keep something around to cover up with before you start. Yogi Surprise members of our Lifestyle Box will receive a gorgeous drape scarf from Rising Tide this November to help stay warm during meditation.


7. Add a little aromatherapy.

Certain essential oils can be used to calm the mind, improve focus, and boost concentration—making them perfect for meditation. Consider investing in a simple essential oil diffuser or creating an aromatic lotion by combining your favorites with some carrier oil (like coconut oil). Among the best to use for meditation include lavender, sandalwood, frankincense, bergamot, cedarwood, and rose.


8. Put a mantra somewhere to remind you of what you want to concentrate on.

This one allows you to get as crafty as you’d like—perhaps painting a one-word mantra like “love” or “gratitude” and framing it or carving it into a patch of bark you found on the ground outside. Or you could simply write it out on a plain piece of paper and keep it in your space just like that to keep it super simple.