October's Theme: Love Yourself

Do you ever experience a pocket in your day when you just feel in your flow? As if all the angles of your world align, and you are gliding amidst its streamlined surface? If only for a moment, it's a feeling when the love for your life fits into the heart of it all.

Then there's the times when the self-love seems to fade. "I'm not good enough ... successful enough ... pretty enough ... strong enough ... ." You know, those times when your heart steps into the shadows, leaving little light for you, and nearly none for anyone else.

You don't have to stand in the darkness, blind to the beauty of you own reflection. Know that self-love is a choice. It's a necessary gift that only you can offer inward, and that's the only way to share it outward.

Love, delivered.

The inaugural month of Yogi Surprise is presenting subscribers with a message of self-love. The box that comes to your doorstep is meant to complement inward compassion, giving you tools you can use to enliven your yoga practice and overall sense of equanimity and joy.

The unique yoga accessories, natural beauty items and organic superfoods you’ll find in your Yogi Surprise are perfect ways to boost your well-being, but know that the material satisfactions provide access to only one step along your journey.

I always feel great when I put on a new comfy yoga top or smooth a nourishing cream over my quenched skin, but the stretchy shirt doesn't step itself on my mat, just as the moisturizer only works if I apply it to my face.

Self-love starts with self care, which means nurturing your body, mind and spirit, as well as your relationships, with healthy interaction. Take out the toxic talk, the judgment, the useless stories, to make more room for love.

Nourish your source

Whatever it is that brings you that euphoric sense of bliss —that “in the flow”feeling — is exactly what you need to keep instilling in your day-to-day. Maybe a quiet morning walk or a rigorous run is exactly what you need; or perhaps it’s a breakfast of raspberry pancakes and spicy chai that calls to you on certain occasions. Sometimes, love will simply show up —as a hug from a friend or a smile from a stranger.

And know that every day is different. Sometimes love flows right in, like the sun rays streaming into your window, hitting you with warmth the moment your eyes greet the light. Other times, love has a softer presence, as subtle as radiant alpenglow that falls upon a mountain in the morning.

Amidst any day when love seem hard to find, just know that you don’t have to look very far. Give yourself the love you deserve with things that make you happy, activities that bring you balance, food that nourishes your body, and people who enliven your soul.