Create Time To Restore 

Hectic schedules and busy weeks don’t often leave a lot of time for rejuvenation. Be sure to take a little time every day, and for at least one longer session once a week, to restore your mind, body and spirit — this is a necessary reset button to stay in balance and at your best.

On Your Mat

Restorative yoga may not look or feel the same as “power hour” movement on your mat, but a slow and supported asana practice is just as important as the vinyasa flow exercise you crave. Check out the schedules at some of your local yoga studios, as it’s likely that there is at least one restorative or yin-style class offered per week. Go in with an open mind, a willing body, and an intention to rejuvenate your being from the inside-out.

At Your Desk

The day to day work grind can leave you feeling depleted, so be sure to take time during your day to find support and peace of mind. Inspirational photos and quotes on your desk can lift your spirits, so keep a clear working space with pieces of beauty and insight to keep your spirit light and enlivened. Try to get outside, even if it’s only for a short while during your lunch break, to breathe in moments of vitality and freshness.

In Your Home

Once you are able to hang up the day and relax a little, don’t overstimulate your senses with too much technology. Our phones, computers and televisions are ways to tune out, but they don’t refill what is depleted. Enjoy the time you have at home, by tuning in to what makes you fill happy and fulfilled. Play your favorite music and clear your space of clutter, light some candles and read a good book. Take a bath, wear fuzzy slippers and settle into comfortable clothes.

Create time and space for restoration to help to bring more balance into every aspect of your being; it’s a choice that will bring more nourishment and ease to the areas of your life that become more stressful or challenging.