Connect To Your Dreams

It’s something that we hear as children, but not so much as adults:

“Follow your dreams …”

But why don’t we hear it now? Why would we stop connecting to the visions, goals and aspirations that once filled our bodies with so much hope and excitement in those early years? Why would anyone turn off or dim a light that at one time shined so brightly?

The only reason we stop following our dreams and illuminating our authentic path is because of fear and judgment — fear around not being good enough, and judgment around why we think that is. These stories of the mind hold us each captive in their own way — some subtly and some with great power.

Connect Within

Break free of the negative talk and remind yourself of the journey that you were born to take. Even if it requires a pause, some backwards steps or sideways shuffling, know that only you know which path is right for you.

Use whole body practices like yoga and meditation to soften the sharp edges of fear and judgment in your life, and create a soft and clear space around the beauty of the intentions your were born to fulfill. This is how you can connect to yourself, your authenticity, your wholeness, which is exactly what will help carry you to that place of optimism, hope, love, creativity and joy — turning your most tangible and vivid dreams into a grounded and blissful reality.