Me-Time Moments: Take A Spa Day

A trip to the spa seems indulgent, because it is, and in the very best ways. As we fall into Autumn, and before we move into the busy and abundant holiday season, set aside some time for yourself to unwind and allow your senses to sink into bliss.

If you have a couple hours, or even a whole day, tap into your piggy bank and find a nice spa to go visit. Even a pedicure or manicure could be enough to pull you out of the weekly rat race, and a massage or facial will allow even more space for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Give Yourself Some Space

It's amazing how air filled with soft ambient music and scents of essential oils will take you into a state a serenity. Imagine yourself slipping into a soft and light terrycloth robe, hanging up your day clothes and cell phone for a chance to step away from them for a while. Slide on your spa sandals and make your way to the lounge, filled with plush seats and minimalist decor, thoughtful coffee table books and stacks of loose leaf tea.

Sit down and stay awhile. With nowhere to be but here, and nothing to do but be, give yourself permission to drift into a space of purity and ease.

Enjoy The Journey

If you give yourself permission to relax, indulge, simply be, then you can create a more intentional commitment to enjoy each moment from a place of peaceful gratitude.

Know that nothing lasts forever, not even a beautiful afternoon at the spa, so to take in every piece of your experience — thick creams that moisturize your skin and deep movements that unlock your mucles; hints of rose water settling on your cheeks and the sweet relief of physical tension.

Hold onto your bliss as long as you can, treating yourself to nourishing foods and lots of water following your experience of rejuvenation. Just don’t wait too long to come do it again, because your body deserves all the love and attention your are willing to give it.