Creating more Space for Cozy Me-Time Moments

Cozy is a feeling, as well as an ambiance, and only you know what can help to create these moments to their fullest. It’s up to you to carve out the intentions of warmth, clarity and creation in your day.


Before you pour your morning cup of hot tea or coffee, slip into a robe and slide on your fuzzy slippers. Get your body in a place where you can awaken from a place of comfort, and then revitalize your energy by washing your face with warm water and a citrus essential oil soap. The soothing skin cleansing ritual will clear space for fresh energy, preparing you for a nourishing breakfast before you start your day.


Whether you are at your desk or out and about around lunchtime, commit to a few moments when you can unplug and ground down. If you are craving an energy shift, enjoy a walk, run, bike ride or yoga session — the movement will then allow you to settle your energy into cozy productivity for the remainder of the daylight, whether that is spent engaged in a project, catching up on correspondence or baking some wholesome treats.


The hours when the day is winding down is the ideal time to really embrace some quality me-time moments. Be sure to nourish yourself and your loved ones with a delicious and nutrient-rich dinner, putting love and strength back into what may feel depleted. Let your day fall away with a hot bath or some herbal tea, and then set aside a little time to spend with a good book.

If we allow ourselves to relax and cozy up, we smooth any harsh details or deadlines that are breaking our balance. Once cozy becomes more than a warm fire and a fuzzy blanket — once you can embody that state of peace — then you can take it with you in any moment, wherever you go.