Don't Lose a Day, or a Decade

Ten years ago today, I was in my senior year of high school. The leaves were changing and it was volleyball season. It was a year or so before my yoga journey began, but there were many moments that year when I can remember a rush of vibrancy and joy rush through my veins, much like I feel after a good practice on my mat.

So now, a decade later, I can honestly say that life just keeps getting better. It's different, yes, and it will never be the same as it was then — all the untouched curiosity and possibility that exists in every ounce of adolescent newness, like an aspen leaf just before it breaks open into vibrant autumn gold.

I know not everyone would agree with my optimistic outlook on "growing up," or some would even rather be back in this place of youthful vulnerability and accepted ignorance. It's the philasophical question most hear before high school even began: "To be, or not to be?"

And, yes, that is the question.

So, to be happy, or not to be? To be fulfilled, or not to be? To be motivated, or not to be?

It's all a choice, every moment of it, and to say that you'd "rather be back in high school," or "rather have this," or "rather have that," means that you would rather choose "not to be," because you are not taking accountability for your own being.

Your choices in this very moment, and your many choices over time, are you chance to make your life the way you want it to be.

Who cares if you hated high school? Who cares if you loved it? It's a cliche reference, but one that most can relate to; so step out behind your teenage dream and make this life matter now.