5 Short and Simply Positive Mantras

5 Short and Simply Positive Mantras

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the difference is between an affirmation and a mantra? They're similar, but not quite the same. While an affirmation is known to be a phrase usually spoken in first person and in the present tense about the individual in a way that’s meant to be perceived as true (like “I am enough,” or “I am a money magnet with more money flowing toward me every day), a mantra differs slightly in that it’s a positive statement or sound that an individual can meditate on as it’s repeated silently in the mind – and it doesn't necessarily need to be all about the individual.

Affirmations can often serve as mantras, but rarely does it work when it’s the other way around. Just like asanas are physical postures performed by the body, mantras can be thought of as mental postures performed by the mind. They can be used to help us get clear about what kind of connection and state of mind we want to embody during yoga, meditation, or just any time we’re in need of some extra positivity.

Here are five short and simple mantras you can say to yourself and meditate on whenever you think you could really use a boost in positive self-talk and self-love.

True success comes from learning.

It can be all too easy to get caught up in negative thoughts and emotions associated with our own mistakes and failures when we’re trying to achieve something big. This mantra can help us turn that around by making us become conscious of the fact that every mistake and failure is really just a valuable lesson and an opportunity to become more resilient.

I am imperfectly perfect.

Speaking of getting caught up in the negatives, we often do the same with how we tend to view ourselves as inherently flawed in our physical appearances, our abilities, our behaviors, and other personal attributes. Telling ourselves that we are imperfectly perfect reminds us that when we accept and embrace our “flaws” with love, we move closer toward becoming our most authentic versions.

There is goodness in every person.

It’s easy to resent other people when they do something that we don’t like, but even those who seem cruel, greedy, and insensitive are indeed good on some deeper level. When we remind ourselves that there is goodness in every person, we open ourselves up to the awareness of the possible reasons why a person may be acting in such a way. Recognizing that a person may be suffering and acting out their negative emotions in the process reassures us that it's not personal, making it a lot easier to forgive and forget.

This moment is all that matters right now.

Being present in every situation is something a lot of us struggle with – especially when we’d rather be doing something else. In reality, however, all the thoughts about the past and future are just illusions we create in our minds, robbing us from the present. We can use this mantra whenever we find ourselves getting massively distracted by regretful or anxious thoughts so we can live more in the moment.

The love of the Universe is all around me, all the time.

When things just feel downright awful, this powerful mantra can help bring some much needed light to a very dark state of mind. Instead of allowing our negative thoughts to snowball, we can stop them dead in their tracks by purposefully recognizing the eternal love of the Universe/God to help us cultivate more self-love and faith everything will work out as it's meant to be.

Keep these mantras handy and you'll be mentally well-equipped for taking on life's challenges.

Photo (edited) via Take Back Your Health Conference