Your Monthly Retreat in a Box

Is Yogi Surprise Right for You

Every day, people are discovering how Yogi Surprise can help support healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. Getting a monthly box of yoga goodness in the mail every month is still a bit new for some people. Is it right for you? Here are 5 reasons why it might be:

1. Support Your Yoga Practice & Active Lifestyle

Yogi Surprise is the perfect complement to your yoga practice. Think of it like your monthly yoga retreat in a box, inspiring you to stay active and balanced. Each delivery includes items that are hand-picked items by seasoned yogis. You might discover your favorite new yoga strap or artisan crafted rejuvenating body products. Take a look at some of our past boxes.

What makes us different? We believe in both the benefits of exercise and the philosophies that underpin yoga: that means we live by organic, sustainable, & cruelty free standardsfair trade & ethical business practices, and  healthy, wholesome & vegetarian food and diet choices.

2. Perfect for Beginners or Seasoned Yogis

Whether you're new to yoga & exercise or a lifelong follower of the practice, Yogi Surprise is both inspiring and useful every month. In addition to great items crafted by passionate people, you'll be part of a vibrant yoga community that's growing every day. Find free information in our Yogi Journal, and interact with other yogis, sharing photos, advice, and thoughts on how to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Regardless of your level of experience, Yogi Surprise is a great for anyone interested in health and wellness.

3. Saves Money (For Yoga Class!)

Yogi Surprise is also a choice of frugality – and that means more of a budget for yoga classes! Instead of splurging on questionable snacks or expensive gear, you can find the best of both right at your doorstep with a huge savings. Past items have included yoga straps (retail up to $17.99), rejuvenating massage oils (retail $27.95), and 108-count Tiger's Eye malas (retail up to $95).

4. Win a Real Yoga Retreat

Every month, Yogi Surprise also chooses a lucky winner to receive a free, all-expense paid yoga retreat. Yes – that means you could win a real vacation! Past retreats have included destinations like Costa Rica, Hawaii, and Baja California. Learn more about how you could win a yoga retreat!

5. Friendly, Loving Customer Support

We admit it – we love you! That's why we always provide fast, clear, and helpful customer service. Ask us a question about anything, and you'll hear back from us in under 24 hours. Submitting a request is easy and we guarantee that you'll always enjoy a fellow yogi when getting help with your account!

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