5 Creative Ways to Use Green Tea in Your Self-Care Regimen

Researchers have dubbed green tea “the healthiest thing you can drink,” thanks to all its rich antioxidants that fight against cell damage—as well as its abilities to improve blood circulation and lower cholesterol.

Drinking a cup or two (or more) of green tea is the most common way to enjoy it, but there are several other ways you can reap the health benefits of this incredible superfood. Best of all, green tea can be used in some your favorite self-care rituals to help strengthen your sense of love and appreciation for yourself!.


1. Pre- or Post-Yoga Green Tea Smoothie

Whether you’re gearing up for a vinyasa flow class at the studio or needing to refuel after your at-home practice, a smoothie is never not a great option! You can use brewed green tea after it’s cooled down in your smoothie or straight matcha green tea powder.

Here are some recipes to try:


2. Green Tea Desserts

Believe it or not, green tea makes a wonderful ingredient in almost any type of dessert. From cookies and fudge, to cupcakes and cheesecakes, you’d be surprised just how versatile green tea can be when it comes to some of the most decadent and indulgent treats!

Just take a look at some of these:


3. Green Tea Facial Cleanser, Skin Toner, or Face Mask

Antioxidants help fight free radicals that contribute to aging skin, and since green tea is known to contain some of the most potent antioxidant components, it’s believed that it can contribute to healthy skin. Many commercially sold products contain green tea these days, but if you’re into DIY, it’s easy enough to make your own all-natural green tea skincare products!

Try these:


4. Green Tea Bath Bomb, Body Exfoliator, or Body Butter

Given the powerful antioxidant properties of green tea, why limit its use to just the skin on your face? Your entire body can benefit when you use green tea in other DIY bath and body products too!

Have a go at some of these creative DIYs:


5. Green Tea Shampoo, Hair Rinse, or Hair Mask

Last but not least, green tea can be used in your own DIY hair treatments as a replacement for chemical-based hair products. Green tea might aid in balancing irritation or skin imbalances of the scalp, essentially helping to open up the hair follicles to promote healthy hair growth.

Here are a few easy DIY hear treatments to try: