Simple Ways to Give More

Simple Ways to Give More

Those who’ve grown up in the Western world know just how important it is in today's modern society to nurture and grow themselves in every aspect of their lives as an individual. It’s this very individualistic lifestyle trend that has led a lot of people down a path of becoming socially conditioned to mostly just wanting and taking what they think they deserve, without giving much of anything first at all.

We must consider our actions and how they relate to the law of exchange, where both giving and receiving feed off of each other. Karma Yoga in particular is the practice of giving back selflessly in a way that will benefit others, without any expectation of something in return.

The more selflessly you give out of love, the more loving energy you will receive back. This doesn’t necessarily mean we have to give physical items or money to others in order to put ourselves in line with what the universe can deliver to us. All it takes is a simple giving gesture or action that comes straight from the heart.

Here are four ideas that are simple enough to do any time, any day.


Our attention spans aren’t what they used to be. Now that so many of us have busy, hectic lives where huge chunks of our time are spent staring at computers/televisions/smartphones, one of the most generous things you can ever offer to someone is your full, undivided attention. Next time you’re having a conversation with somebody, place your awareness on them and what they’re saying rather than getting distracted by your own thoughts and surroundings.


Smiling is contagious. In one particular study, participants who were shown a photo of somebody smiling and then asked to frown had difficulty doing it, instinctively imitating the facial expression they were staring at instead. Just the act of smiling is known to benefit our health and happiness, so you could brighten up somebody else’s day just by smiling at them.


True creatives are deeply and authentically moved to produce something that’s bigger than themselves and their ego-driven desires. Whether you enjoy doing something artistic like drawing or something more systematic like marketing, try tapping into that creative energy by experimenting with what you like to do. You may start off with just doing something you love for the sake of doing it, but it may end up being the gift the world needs from you.


Lastly, you can start giving more back to others in a super quick way by simply saying a silent prayer or wish to every person you meet and part with during the day. Of course, the most important part of this act is the intention behind it. Making sure that you genuinely and unconditionally wish good and kindness upon others is far more important than the words you use to say the prayer or wish in your head.

Pick one of the above to start getting into the habit of giving more every day. As you notice yourself beginning to receive more loving energy back in exchange from others, make sure you receive it with gratitude to keep the flow of energy going and encourage yourself to keep on giving.