5 Easy Ways to Make Gratitude a Habit

5 Easy Ways to Make Gratitude a Habit

Thanksgiving may be just one day out of the whole year when we’re more conscious of what we’re truly grateful for, but what about the other 364 days of the year? Whether it’s April 2nd, January 31st, August 23rd, or any other day, there's no denying that gratitude is the quickest and most effective way to boost our happiness.

Making gratitude a daily habit as part of your own practice will help take your personal transformation above and beyond what you every thought was possible. Here are some easy ways to start embodying gratitude naturally in your everyday life, both on and off the mat.

Cultivate Gratitude Through Each Pose

You can tailor your yoga practice so that fits your intention to be grateful. For example, you can focus your awareness on your sense of balance in tree pose, the strength of your body in warrior II, or the rest you get to take in savasana. Allow yourself to feel these sensations in your body and recognize how they help you become stronger, wiser, and more authentic. Those are certainly some things to be grateful for!

Put Your Thoughts on Paper

Taking a few minutes to journal about your thoughts and feelings every morning or every night is the perfect way to make gratitude a daily practice. Just by writing about what’s going on in your everyday life, you’ll naturally find aspects to be grateful for that you otherwise wouldn’t be as conscious of if you just decided to let those thoughts and feelings flow through your mind in a weaker state of awareness.

Appreciate One Thing About Someone

Wouldn’t it be great if your mind didn’t default to thoughts like, “I really don’t have time to deal with this person right now,” or “I’m worried about what this person will think of me,” every time you have to make contact with someone? Instead, just start noticing one thing about every person you meet that you really admire or appreciate. Here’s a more detailed explanation on how to do this.

Give More

The more you give toward others — whether it’s a physical gift or a gift in the form of your time or energy — the more you’ll receive back. That’s how the universe works. When you receive more from your act of giving, it will be pretty hard not to feel grateful. If you can find one small way to give something to someone (or a group of people, an animal, or the planet) out of the genuine kindness of your heart, then gratitude will be a natural side effect. Here are some super simple ways you can give more on a daily basis.

Just Say ‘Thank You’

It’s not always easy to practice gratitude every day, so when you're having one of those days, just remember to say “thank you” quietly to yourself or out loud if you prefer. Those two words alone should hopefully stir something up inside of you to be grateful for. Your mind automatically associates those words with images, memories, and emotions that you love, so as long as your intention to be grateful is real at that time, saying “thank you” should be all that you need!