Simple Tips to Attract Abundance

Simple Tips to Attract Abundance

We all want to attract more abundance in our lives. Whether it’s money, love, a particular career, good health or something else, most of us grow up to believe and assume that we can achieve these things by simply setting strong goals, taking action and staying persistent.

This is good advice, but what we don’t always realize is that attracting abundance is primarily a mindset game. If our deepest beliefs and thoughts about ourselves and the world around us aren’t in alignment with how the universe works (the law of attraction), then our goals and actions won’t work to bring us what we think and say we really want.

If trying to change your habits hasn’t brought you the results in life you’ve always wanted, it may signify that you’re living through life with a scarcity mindset. Here’s what you can do to fix that.

Love Your Fears and Flaws

Attracting abundance into your life starts with self-acceptance and self-love. This means accepting yourself exactly as you are right now–including all the icky, scary stuff you’d rather ignore or criticize. Every time you think a negative thought about yourself, just stop to notice it, and then embrace it with love.

This is very unintuitive. It’s natural for our minds to run from fearful thoughts and avoid or criticize the things we don’t like about ourselves. Start with simply accepting it before moving to a place of love. The more lovingly you treat your fears and flaws, the less power they’ll have over you. Eventually, your fears and flaws will fade away entirely.

Turn Excitement into Gratitude

Ever stop to wonder why you get excited? Excitement comes from interpreting something as scarce in nature. If you’ve adopted a mindset that money, relationships, a job opportunity or something else doesn’t come your way very often, you probably get excited about it and naturally set your expectations high when it finally does come around. And when those expectations aren’t fulfilled, you feel disappointed, which pushes you out of alignment with abundance.

Think of it like this: it excitement correlates to scarcity, then gratitude correlates to abundance. When you notice yourself getting excited about something, focus on what you’re grateful for about it instead. Gratitude is the recognition of how abundant you already are right now in the present moment, which is exactly what you need to attract more of it.

Give in Order to Receive

Once you learn to embrace your fears, flaws, and abundance that you’re grateful for already, you’ll be in a pretty good place to start giving to others straight from the heart. Too many of us do what we do primarily from a selfish place. We work because we want more money, we get into relationships because we want love, we diet because we want to look good.

You have to think like a giver instead of a taker to attract abundance. If you focus on putting genuine passion into your work, you’ll attract more money. If you focus on how you could express love to your partner, you’ll attract love back from them. If you focus on taking care of your health no matter what your body looks like, it will naturally respond and change in accordance with how you treat it.

These are simple pieces of advice, but they’re not so easy to come across in today’s success-driven society that often ignores the real "inner" part of the game in favor of results. Just remember that abundance always starts with where you are on the inside.