5 Ways to Feel More Alive

An easy exercise for your 5 senses


  1. Feast Your Eyes

            Turn your vision on today by taking some extra time to look around and to take in all the beauty that surrounds you. Always try to notice new things, and you will see the world with new eyes.

  1. Wake Up Your Taste Buds

            Use the powerful sense of taste to experience what nourishes you. Locate the subtle hints of minerals in a mouthful of water, become more familiar with a certain spice, or experience just how juicy and sweet a summer peach can be.

  1. Hear Subtle Sounds

            If you take a little extra time to listen today, you will be amazed at what you hear. The world is filled with vibrations — many of which you can pick up with your ears — so see what you can hear today that you have never heard before … a light wind, a child laughing, a bird landing. 

  1. Stop and Smell the Roses

            Get outside and open your nose. Every season presents new fragrant experiences to enjoy — wildflowers in the summer, crisp air in autumn, cold snow in winter, and moist soil in spring.

  1. Be in-Touch

            One very tangible way to connect with your world is through touch. Try a heartfelt hug or running sand between your hands. Let this potent experience of connection lead the way to exploration of the earth and with your relationships every day.